To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question.

I used to blog a lot.  But, as with most blogs, it ebbed and flowed - feast or famine.  This is a pretty typical blog profile.

I tried using just a social network service to blog on.  At first I started using Yahoo!360 (remember them?) exclusively for blogging, but Yahoo killed that service.  I tried Facebook, but Facebook buried the posts feature so most people don't even know it exists and my network profile their is more personal/non-tech than any of my other networks.

I spent a lot of time on Twitter, but Twitter has a number of issues that make it pretty useless as anything other than a link blog.  It limits your posts to be too short for complete thoughts and you simply can't have real conversations there.

So I started doing my blogging on Google+.  It gives me the best of a blog, i.e. conversation and long form, but it takes away the management issues of dealing with my own blog.  Basically, it makes it easy for me to write a post and not have to think about other things.

Google+ has an added benefit, I can interact with people in the context of the post.  For instance, I am referencing a +Tim Bray blog post here and am trying to wrap him into the conversation.  Now he may or may not respond and get involved, but he does know the conversation is happening.

I have gotten some heat and argued with +Tim Kadlec and +Brad Frost about the efficacy of maintaining your own blog.  

The argument generally goes that If I blog here, I don't own my content.  I guess to some extent that is true, but I have chosen a service that I am not afraid will disappear overnight.  I do have RSS of my posts ( I guess this is just not as big a concern for me as it is with others.

I have considered aggregating my stream and archiving them at my own domain and I might get to this, but it just isn't at the top of my list of thing to do.

What do you think?  Can you use a service like Google+ as your blog or do you need to own the platform and the content on your own site?
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