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I like pie

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Dominion City Brewing Co.'s ( Earl Grey Marmalade Saison is a lovely, well-balanced saison. Hints of tea pair well with the citrus. Easy drinker, but not boring.

The Town & Country Blonde Ale is definitely grainier with more pronounced maltiness. This beer would be perfect after mowing the lawn on a hot day.

The fact that this brewery opened up a block away from my office is going to be seriously dangerous. I'm going to be riding the Ballmer Peak ( all day, errday #DCBCisopen

Ottawa's craft brewing scene continues to explode unabated. I am not complaining.
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Having fun in Boston! 
Boston 2014
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Look who's in the Globe and Mail!

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These drag-n-drop website builders are going to put guys like me out of a job soon :(

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I'll be giving a talk at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2014. You can watch live on Google Hangouts!
As one of the original Internet businesses in the Ottawa region, Grape Vine Home Marketing Consultants have been successfully supporting buyers and sellers with private home transactions in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario since 1990!

Grape Vine approached Fenix Solutions to help refresh and re-launch their website to stay competitive in the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) market as rapidly changing technology and web trends became too much for their ageing Perl-based web infrastructure. With over 10,000 unique visitors a day, performance, stability, and the ability for non-technical customers and administrators to self-manage their content were of the utmost importance.

Attendees to this session will learn how Fenix was able to successfully leverage Drupal to meet these goals and offer a cost-effective solution. In addition, the Drupal platform affords Grape Vine the agility to adapt to shifting buyer and seller needs as the dynamics of the real estate market continue to evolve.

Some areas that will be covered:

* Pros and cons of the Drupal platform for running an Internet-based business like Grape Vine's
* The module mix used to produce the end result
* A discussion on custom modules vs contrib modules
* Specific challenges faced in the build phase and how we overcame them
* Hosting considerations
* Content migration from the old site to the new one.
* The future of

This session will probably be most interesting for developers, but decision makers and business owners may find the discussion of the challenges faced by the project extremely helpful in making decisions regarding their own projects.

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So long curly moustache. We had a good run.

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I'm somewhat surprised there are so few...
Oh actual dear god...

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Incredible brunch at Gezellig with Keisha. Only regret was not saving room for dessert.
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What are you doing reading this? You should be backing #Starwhal on #Kickstarter!

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Keisha's amazing Grump-o-Lantern and my Pi-ka-lantern
Halloween 2013
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