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You're Fired

No one wants to have to fire a client. As a consultant or service provider, firing a client makes us feel as though we failed; it goes against everything we’re taught to believe. We’re taught to value our clients, that the customer is always right and that it’s our job to do well by them and exceed expectations. And while I wouldn’t disagree that any of that’s true, sometimes ‘doing right’ by the client means letting them go. A toxic client-vendor situation hurts not only you, but them.

These are important lessons for any consultant but particularly for an SEO consultant. (Been there, done that.)

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The @uncrunched vs @techcrunch issues really do highlight the difficulties in accurately valuing intellectual property in a dotcom era. 

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Google Analytics goes real time!!

I don't see this in my account yet, but I'm excited to see how this real-time view compares to Woopra, which tends to hang my browser badly. Chartbeat, too, might have some competition!

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Welcome New People!
Google+: Going from the High School to the College of the Internet

Being a geeked out early adopter of everything from ICQ to Google+ and seeing all of the changes that are coming, I wanted to give new users a quick heads up on what to expect and the best way to enjoy Google+. This will get you up to speed quickly after you have the basics down and want to know more. This is not organized nor does it cover everything. It's just some key topics that if you don't know, then you'll fail here.

Let me start off by knocking down some ugly rumors about Google+, starting with...

1. Animated GIFs

They were fun, some still are, but the fad died fast. If you want to try it out, that's great, but most big photo sharing people like +Sean Bonner have mostly moved to still shots. If you want to keep your followers, try not to do more than one per week. The person here who popularized it, in my opinion, was +Tom Anderson, and he doesn't post as regularly as he was. If you have an animated GIF, it had better by extremely good and original.

2. Circles

This should go without saying, but do not comment to other people "Circle me!". It's tacky, and doesn't work. I'm currently getting about 10 new people a day circling me, and I'm not really trying that hard. Hell, if you view some of my recent discussions, a fair number of people really, really don't like me, haha. Just be the interesting person that you are, and people will circle you if for no other reason that to post on-topic information to you.

And no, I won't circle you either. I usually circle people who meet one of two criteria. You're content is shared by someone I've already circled, or you circle me and actively participate in my posts. After all, if you aren't interesting enough to get shared, and you don't want to participate in my topics, then you and I are probably not a good fit.

3. How much is too much?

I post a lot each day. I've never counted, but I probably post in the neighborhood of 10 public posts a day. When I started G+, I limited myself to just 2. We then learned that this is much more like Twitter. And what do we know about Twitter? If the people you post to are following 100 people, and those 100 people post 10 times per day, that's 1000 posts per day. Good luck even getting those 2 seen. Google+ is even worse, because unlike Twitter, it's not 1000 text messages, it's 1000 blog posts, videos, pictures, etc. If you want seen, stay active.

Just remember, though. If one of your followers is following 20 people who only post 5 times a day, you're going to crowd out everyone, and unless you are damn interesting, you'll get uncircled by that person.

4. Get a plugin!

Don't even dream of being a Google+ user without some browser extensions. The two that I use are:

Plus Minus:

Publish Sync:

Plus Minus is invaluable if you follow more than 50 people. I follow around 200, and the "Expand | Shrink" is... (in Oprah's voice) AWESOME! Moving around quick is WIN. Also, learn some keyboard shortcuts. J and K allow you to scroll up and down the page per post.

5. +People

Learn the tricks of Google+, like typing a plus and then my name, +DeWayne Lehman. This is how you talk "to" someone and they'll get a notification that you mentioned them. Just be careful, a lot of names pop up, and some like +MC Hammer are not +MC Hammer the real +MC Hammer (None of those are real, as far as I know.) Use it wisely, this is one of the most powerful features on Google+.

6. Search, Search, Search!

Want more info, or any info on Google+? Forget circling smart, funny, handsome, and sexy bitches like myself... damn, I am a sexy bitch, too...

But seriously, from one sexy beast to another, use the search! It's incredible. It pulls up people, posts, and related content. You could almost completely use Google+ from search without anyone in your circles. However, and it's a big however, it works much better if you have good people circled, as it uses that data to prioritize content.

If you want more newbie information, use the search.

7. On G+, only G+ is Shortened... and other errata

Occasionally, we'll say FB, too. But this isn't Twitter. U dnt need 2 shrtn wat U rite! We like full sentences, with proper caps and punctuation. Feel free to spell check. Feel free to go back and edit a post to correct grammar or spelling as well. Nobody here is a grammar Nazi, but most of the original users here were journalists and tech writers. That set the tone for long prose, not "OMG LOL U 2? K!".

G+ is the college level to that high school nonsense you're used to. Your transition here will feel much like that too, from High School internet to College Internet. Damn, that sounded good. Found my post title!

Welcome to School, Class of 2016!

Google+ really is like the College of the Internet, and transitioning to it from any other service is like coming from High School.

This is not an all or one guide, nor a crash course. These are more the things to learn if you want to go from 0 to power user in just a couple days... and I didn't even cover mobile. That's an entirely different area, and I don't have room here to cover it.

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100% correct

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This is going to get interesting.
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