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ASUS has released the latest tablet in its Transformer Android line, and to cut the price it had to cut corners in a significant way.
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I have one of these...have had it for a few months now and I think the main thing I've learned is that its not just the tech itself, its the ecosystem...Android's sux. It lacks a large number of tablet-optimized apps...compared to Apple's huge library...I'm no fanboy, just saying there are important considerations beyond the device.
...and the experience has convinced me to go back to a laptop...just sayin :-)
you're so totally an Apple fanatic +James Kendrick . The retina display is actually the 2nd Apple failure in 6 months.
1) Siri: after the fun wore off, the emperor was shown to be wearing no clothes. Why? No one actually uses something that (barely) works.
2) The retina addition on the iPad was overkill because it increased the weight (by too much), the thickness, and doubled the charging time. The regular screen is more than enough, and is a better alternative than retina because this is a device that you're supposed to hold in your hands to enjoy. The new iPad is less enjoyable to use, unless you're a hard core gamer and like the added "umph" the A5x provides in games.
Have you ever wondered why gizmodo became obsolete (compared to what they were)? they ate too many apples, like Zdnet. Good luck with that
I am not a fanatic by any means. Fact is your "failure" is selling millions. That is not a failure by any real definition of the term, no matter what you think.
Yes sir it is. It's a good device. I bought the iPad1, but gave it to my nieces after I received a tab10.1. Then I bought the iPad3 and returned it. Don't forget that every single thing you say today about android tabs, u guys used to say about android phones. And where are we today on android phones? spectacular growth. So what is happening, what is the one thing that the dismissive-of-android-tablets tech writers are missing? ever wondered? Once you understand what triggered the android phone revolution, you will understand that your iPad-or-get-out views are shortsighted
I have never said iPad or nothing. I cover all tablets and own 3 Android tablets. How many do you own? But calling the iPad a failure because you want it to be does not make it one by any metric. Sorry.
+Hamid Marc Afsharieh Hey - why don't we back it down a bit man? Thought I was just bringing up a point that there are other considerations here. I don't think anyine honestly believes that one company is going to own entire market or go entire product lifecycles w/out failures. No doubt Apple has had its share
+James Kendrick I never said the iPad is a failure, IT IS NOT. Apple has executed an incredible product-marketing-distribution-production line strategy. They deserve every bit of their success. Let me clear. I have never ever said otherwise. But i also read you, and I've posted about you and your "iPad-or-get-out" views (and commented on some of your posts - albeit not many). These views are not up for debate, i have proof in your articles.

Back to my point: I said Apple has had 2 product decision failures. Siri is being marketed all over, but it's (still) a dud. No one in their right mind (and unbiased) debates this point. As for the retina, I do believe it has brought usability down. Jobs used to always say he looks at the whole experience when deciding on specs/features. They miscalculated with the retina because the device is much heavier for marginally sharper picture (I bought one like I said, i know). These are the 2 failures, not apple making tablets in general.

I own 2 tablets currently. A tab10.1, a NookColor, and i will buy the nexus tablet for sure in july (hopefully), and a new 10inch when the samsung 5250 exynos chip comes out (hopefully by christmas). For the record, i have an ipod touch, macbook pro, macmini, appleTV, 3 airports (in tandem on all 3 floors of my house + yard), and I had an ipad1 and wanted to keep the iPad3 but just couldn't deal with the overly-simple UI and OS-restrictions of iOS.
You are painting me with the wrong brush. When I say product X is good, I am NOT saying all other products are bad. From your comment that is how you interpret my work which is not correct.

I have never said nor implied that it's "iPad-or-get-out" as you've stated. That is not a correct statement. What I have stated is that there is no such thing as a single gadget or platform that is perfect for everyone.

We are all different people with different likes and needs. That is why I would never say everyone should get Gadget X. It's not true.
I'm gonna go over my posts and get back to you. In the meantime, let me show you how you tweak my words. I said 2 apple decision failures, you say i said the iPad is a failure. And on this post i said your article was lame and you said (in the last comment on the post) that I said you were lame. Sir, i'm not attacking you, just debating passionately what we both love: technology and gadgets. :-)
In that comment you referenced you stated that "all my articles of late are lame". That's like saying I am lame in my book. I'm not going to waste more time debating my opinions with you. You have differing opinions and I respect that. I would never call them lame.
my first comment has 3 links, they - in my opinion - prove you hate android. You just bash them.
btw, i concede that android tablets are behind in apps compared to ipad, but i also think android tablets are so much more powerful. If google can sell 5-10 million cheap nexus tablets starting in july, the devs will flock and the app advantage will be old news.
Anyways, some of us are gonna keep you (and the business insider folks) in check and honest by pointing out when you write outrageous articles with outlandish claims that you extrapolate from the most minute android shortcomings. Respectfully.
Reporting my experience of ACTUAL USAGE is not making outlandish claims. I will continue to do so and if you wish to keep "keeping me in check" from my "outlandish claims" then go right ahead.

Differing opinions is what makes the web a useful tool. I may not agree with your opinions but I would never call them "lame" nor "outlandish". That's the difference between you and I, I guess.

Stop twisting my words sir. I said "your articles as of late, are lame", that doesn't mean you're a lame person. Btw, it's spelled "Peace", not "Piece". (UPDATE: you corrected the spelling)
FYI, the Pad 300's plastic case is an IMPROVEMENT. Metal case = poor wifi, GPS, and (if applicable) 3G/4G reception. People need to get over the "plastic = cheap" mentality. If used properly, plastic can match or even perform better than metal. For example, in this case, plastic means a lighter device with better RF performance in a wireless day and age. (Compared to Apple's constant string of utter and complete RF engineering failures starting with an antenna element that not only was easy to come into physical contact with, but in fact was almost impossible to avoid physically touching, in the iPhone 4.) If you look at any other industry - Plastic and composites are winning. Look at the Boeing 787, F-22 Raptor, F-35 JSF, and continue saying "plastic is cheap". Properly engineered plastics and composites dominate in the premium and high-performance sector.
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