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I believe this is the original work by +Neila Rey :
I wonder where the header part went. Thanks +Neila Rey anyway for her nice work.
Thought use would find this list of Body weight exercises handy. 

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I didn't know there are methods with the name wtf in Android API. WTF! lol          Which class? Look it up yourself ^^:

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New mini! This is what I've been waiting for.
But it still costs ...
$899 (i5/8G/1TB-Fusion) + {cost for keyboard, mouse, monitor adapter, and so on} + tax
to get what I want. I will see how those will add up.

class Dao {
   Object whatIsLife() { return null; }

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Hi there, this is a simple number game that my son made. Try it and let me know your best scores (EASY and HARD). -- No permission required for installation.

Believe it or not, more than 8 years ago, I submitted a patent idea that is very similar to Apple's new #handoff (or #continuity) feature to the company that I was working for then, #Ericsson. I was working on "Unified Communication" product. So, that idea was kind of natural evolution. However, It didn't make it to the patent application because my  organization was in severe downsizing, in fact shut-down.  If Ericsson made it to a patent, they could start talking to #Apple now.

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#LifeCode  Risk of stack overflow!

class Life {
  void live() {    Life child = love();;  }
Sometimes... I want to do this

    new MyLife(today() - 365).live();

But My class doesn't support this constructor! 

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 63

#LifeCode Sometimes... I want to do this

    new MyLife(today() - 365).live();

But My class doesn't support this constructor! 

I just sent an email to, requesting some answer on this incident. Let's see. #io13raincheck   #call4io13raincheck   #io13

Just in case you guys are curious, this is what I wrote:

Dear Google,

I happened to be one of the victims who had to watch their IO13 tickets slipped out of hands because of Wallet transaction failure, helplessly. It was so frustrating experience because it is not acceptable incident in real world, like offline retail store.
I felt like I have to so something like requesting a rain check or something. At least, I need some sincere answer that I can understand. If I didn't have a chance to see my ticket at all then I would not care. But this is something totally different and about the trustworthiness of Wallet service.
I created a Google+ community named "call4io13raincheck".
It would be great if you leave some response there so that others can see.


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