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James Jun
My name's James J. Jun, or you might know me by my online persona, 'Jeiface'.
My name's James J. Jun, or you might know me by my online persona, 'Jeiface'.

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If Motorola just did the seamless dimple on the Nexus 6 as their regular Moto X... D:

I'm thinking websites should redo the Moto X update after investigating the newest software update. The positive feedback from Moto360 users has been pretty fantastic from what I've seen that's basically fixed the bigger underlying issues that plagued the 360 from launch. It's big enough to warrant a review update in my opinion. 

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This is why I still haven't created any real Android L design mocks yet. A preview's a preview, so Google might still have some goodies to release. 

After seeing how my mockups look with the updated Roboto font, I have to say, the numbers are vastly improved. They look a lot better in the status bar that's for sure. 

If Android is going to have the animations in the Google Design Guidelines and are going to have the status bar icons in the mockups shown in the guidelines, then the Android L Preview is not really a preview, it's more akin to a small peek. There's so many design elements that the Preview we got is missing that's evidently shown in the Google Design Guidelines that it makes me giddy and why it's the Fall release it is. The metrics are slightly off and the sizing is weird in the L preview, but there's no way thats final considering how in-depth and concise the metric measurements given to us are in the Google Design Guidelines. They're not even scratching the surface of what L can do in the L preview if the final version of L is going to be what it looks like in the Google Design Guidelines, that's whats so impressive about this. 

Google, if L is what the Google Design Guidelines are depicting it to be, I will love you forever. 

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We finally know what Google's calling these things. Snackbars. Yep guys, there's a name now for it! Toasts are staying as what they originally were, Toasts, non-actionable temporary messages. Snackbars will be swipeable and actionable. 

Man, I'm really loving all this stuff I'm finding in the Google Design Guidelines :D

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Could use a bit more flourish and polish. I like the interactivity tho. 

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If the Android team is changing Android's status bar icons, I betcha that its to make way for fully-transparent status/action bar, not the gradient shadowed one we have now, and that's a very good thing. Visually, the current status bar icons don't mesh well when sharing the same background with the action (unless the background is dark or rich i.e. Muzei), so the changes should make Android look visually better, and that's something Android needs a lot of. Beautiful, visually-objective apps and designs. 
Google IO site shows Nexus 5 with different status bar icons

Let me preface this by saying I don't know and I have varying thoughts on the matter. Sure this could have been a designers blunder, using different icons than what is actually available to the Nexus 5. Could this also be a hint at an upcoming new status bar and icons on a future unannounced version of Android? Sure, it's entirely possible. We've seen little hints and leaks like this in the past time and time again from Google.

So what do you think? Are Android fans reading too much into this or could this actually turn into a thing.

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Ah, so they're still adding sessions. I was worried cause there wasn't anything in the schedule that had 'Android' and 'Design' or related words in the same title. Whew, Android design is still a focus :D
Looks like they've posted more content in the #io14  session schedule. Hey, that looks like an interesting talk on Advanced Android UI with +Adam Powell and some other dev. And wait, what about Graphical Android with (can it be?) +Romain Guy and somebody else. Count me in, I'm there! I might even sit right up front for these talks!
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