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In a joyful new daddy haze
In a joyful new daddy haze

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If you're on an unlimited T-Mobile data plan, you may not realize (I didn't) that Binge-On was enabled on your account automatically. While this is a handy feature (net neutrality aside) for those with small data plans, it will degrade video streams. You'll find the toggle to turn it off in the media settings section of your TMO profile on the web. #techtip #tmo

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#nexus #android #techtip I have been experimenting with WiFi calling on my nexus 6p on T-Mobile. If your having trouble sending or receiving MMS, switch to the Google Messenger app. MMS over Hangouts wouldn't work for me over T-Mobile when WiFi calling was enabled.

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What do you think? Will voice dominate user interfaces soon? How many times a day do you find yourself saying Okay Google this year versus last? Would a Star Trek comm badge without a display be more useful to you than a smart watch?
TIME magazine has a great article up today about one of the most important things we're working on at Google: the universal assistant. Simply searching for web pages isn't what people want, nowadays: they want to be able to talk into their computer (or into their phone, or simply speak into the void) and have it understand what they mean, what they want, and make it happen.

I'm extremely excited about this area: So excited, in fact, that I've made it into my day job. For the past several months, I've been focusing on this full-time, and this is what I expect to be spending the next several years on: making "ambient computing" -- computing that is seamlessly present wherever you are, so easily accessible that you barely even realize that you're interacting with a computer -- a worldwide reality.

You may not know this, but before working on Google's social products, I spent years building major chunks of our search systems and our systems infrastructure; the "universal computer" has long been a dream of mine.

I often tell people that "any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." That's more than just a quip: the defining feature of magic is that it transforms your wish for what the world should be like into physical reality, without you having to perform any intervening steps. ("Abracadabra" is not just a nonsense word: it's Aramaic, "avra ke-davra," "may it come to pass as I have spoken." It's all about your words turning into reality.)

To achieve that, we have to go far beyond simple things like search: we have to have systems that make it easy for people to interact with and extend the assistant to do everything conceivable. That's where I'm spending my time, and I'm looking forward to being able to tell people more in the future!

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This is too fun. Anyone ever play mechwarrior?

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Between WWDC and I/O, Apple acted a little more like Google, and Google acted a little more like Apple. Apple opened up a little bit more of the underlying os to developers. And Google reigned in their platform a little more. Both mobile platforms remain unique approaches to the space, but clearly have benefited from the competition.

Though there are valid dissenting opinions, I personally think putting a damper on the oem skin insanity is a good thing for android. Every time I pick up a family member's android device, I have no idea what I might find, or in some cases how to help them. But as an open source advocate, should I be concerned?

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Experience with Android L Preview Release on the Nexus 5

I installed the LPV79 early developer preview release of the next version of Android on my nexus 5 last night. It was great to be able to see what is coming, and pitch in a bit by voting on some known issues in the bug tracker ( ). 

If you are not a developer, and thinking of checking it out, prepare to play around, and then move back to 4.4.4 Kitkat as your daily driver. This truly is only for developers to prepare their apps for when "L" gets a name. So be patient, and contribute what you can, but don't clutter up the work that google, developers, partners, and open source contributors need to do to get this ready for launch.

Here is what I found

1. There are a number of very popular applications that won't launch at all (e.g. dropbox, for workaround use cloud feature of ES File Explorer), and others that are busted in some way (xda has a running list here , and you'll find a google defect report here ). Some people are even having trouble installing Google's own Docs and Sheets apps from the Play Store (I did not).

2. Hotspot functionality is broken ( I tested this and confirmed. Client connects to nexus AP but is never given an IP address.

3. The new lock screen with notifications is great, but has a way to go. For instance, quicksettings for toggles are available without unlocking. That could prove troublesome from a security perspective. Also, until app developers update to the new framework, controls in media apps (such as plex) may not be available on the lock screen.

4. The combination of status bar, pull down notifications, quicksettings, google search, small settings icon, and clickable profile picture is not easy to use. You pull down once, and get notifications. Have to pull down again to get quicksettings, and then have to tap a third time to get to your other settings through the gear. When you do so, it is likely you will fat-finger the tappable profile picture. If you do that, you will get your own contact hovercard (of what use this is to yourself from the status bar I will never know). The one I would like to tap on for battery detail, is the battery icon. But no such luck.

5. Some of the cool features you wanted from the I/O presentation are not yet available. Such as bypassing unlock requirements from safe locations. So there is no compelling reason for a non-developer to rush this because of some killer feature.

6. The Material Design does please, mostly. It looks and works really well in the dialer and the calculator. Some of the changes to settings locations and groupings were more natural, and the toggles worked well. The scrolling bounce effects, window slide-in animations, and other kinetic touch responses are great. The keyboard was a little odd looking to me at first, with borderless keys and non-uniformed font positioning (especially in lower case). The dynamic floating preview when using gesture entry works well (as before), but the transparent background shadow on the overlay is a little close to the text. I am still not sure why voice entry is not enabled by default in builds. Allowing return to 'abc' entry on the right side after clicking the emoticon button is super handy. I think I remember having to stretch by thumb to the left side of the screen on kitkat.

7. The recent app's drawer looks and works well. The addition of specific settings areas, and chrome tabs is helpful. And I found myself using it more than previously.

8. Don't know about project Volta, but the easy to read prediction of likely remaining hours of use from the battery settings is nice. Speaking of which, the teal on white isn't necessarily my favorite, but everything is easier to read than before—part of the content first intent of Material Design. Again, my suggestion would be to put the battery icon back in the quicksettings. It is a useful screen. I can't say the same for the data usage grid. It doesn't look quite right.

9. Everything seems smooth and fast. The switch to ART from Dalvik is not dramatic, but it certainly didn't hurt anything. But then again, I have had no complaints since the success of project butter. I may be crazy, but even Kitkat 4.4.4 seemed to improve touch response just a tad from the previous point release.

Well that is it so far. Great work team android. I think this will be a great release when it lands. Hopefully this feedback helps in some way. In the mean time, I'm heading back to where I belong. When "L" gets a name, I'll be there.

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How does this make you feel?

RT: Far more accurate satellite images on the way as US lifts restrictions.

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Still reflecting. [The best defensive team in the league during the regular season] scored the most goals of any team in the postseason since the 1993 Los Angeles Kings led by Wayne Gretzky.

If you didn't follow them on their record-breaking journey, this article highlights the significance well.

#lakings  #stanleycup
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