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Ugh. Stupid +ABC Television Network​ and your lame west coast delay. I want to see NYC LIVE you dummies. Completely missed it. 

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2 of the 4 trucks rolled out to install AT&T gigapower fiber service to my house. I signed up yesterday for the 300/300 service at 1130am and got an email after lunch saying they'd be over today.

Edit: I'm in Cupertino and they have aerial fiber. There terminal is on one of the poles in between the houses. 12 houses per terminal, 6 in each direction of the pole. Run individually to each house. Someone in my block already has fiber as you can tell which aerial cable it is. ;)

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Fooking +Best Buy​ . just bought a new washer dryer and they said I had to buy their hoses which are $20-30 or else their installers won't install it. They get it installed and right on top they leave the hoses that come with the appliances. Nickel and dime. 

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What Touchscreens Were Like in 1982

"QPR, Best team in the land"

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My backyard putting green install. Notes in the pictures. Also a write up on -
Putting Green Installation
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is it just me or does everyone else hear a lady speaking chinese in the background translating the #iphone6  live stream?

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Why Is Verizon Misleading Consumers With The Charts In These FiOS Ads?

Silly Verizon. Trix are for kids. 

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"'Simpsons World' puts the full series online, but you'll need cable to watch everything"

This will be awesome!

For you Americans that want to watch the world cup go to Univision and watch the stream for free. Fuck +ESPN and their broken pay wall. 

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Greatest paper airplane flight. 
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