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This just in: Seattle, I am in you. #Paxwest2016

@svnrd: The only time of year where I say this phrase in this particular context: Seattle, I am in you... #PAXPrime2015

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Guess I need to go back and play DA2 some more...
Dragon Age has done a lot to improve their game play as they continue the series.  Inquisition will be no exception to this rule, promising integrated game play based upon player decisions from DA2.

So a few days back I've decided to work on furthering my education.

First, a little background. I did really well in high school, but that was 11 years ago. At University, I wasted my free ride since high school didn't help me learn to apply myself. About 5 years ago, I completed an A.S. in Computer Engineering Technologies. That was just as much of a breeze as high school was.

I feel the cost of going to a University these days is not worth the years of debt incurred to obtain a piece of paper that shows I really did study.
Because of this, I've begun exploring free or cheap education options online. Just to refresh some skill I know are a bit rusty, I've been using, which I really like. If none of you have checked it out, I highly recommend, especially if you want to teach yourself/relearn some math or science. There are other topics there, but these topics are more fleshed out.its complete free and is run as a non-profit.

A family member turned me on to, where I'm now signed up for a Calculus class that starts next month. The class I chose was free, but there are some that are paid you supposedly can transfer the credits.

That's my journey so far, and the currently plan is to post updates occasionally to one motivate me and maybe inform others of education opportunities and maybe others can share programs/sites that they used.


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That was just an amazing several minutes in the car

It's been a long time since I've rage-quit a game, but #TheLastofUs is getting me close. In a good way. Not broken just hard. A mob that is instant death when it gets in melee range is brutal. Take pride in my nerd tears #naughtydog 
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