Made a bit more progress on my little #Ubuntu app this weekend.

I extended the UPnP side a bit so I could tell the media renderer to display a picture.  For now, this was with a fixed image served up by a small Python server that set the appropriate HTTP response headers (it seems my TV will ignore responses that don't have an appropriate "" header set).

At the other end of the app, I started experimenting with the content hub APIs so I could actually select a photo to send.  This meant getting the running the app on the phone, which I hadn't got round to doing.  After a little bit of fiddling to get the Ubuntu SDK happy with my CMake project, I was able to build click packages and send them to the phone.  And after a few iterations I got it working in destination mode (e.g. as a target when saving an image in the browser), share mode (e.g. the share menu in the gallery), and initiating the transfer from within the app itself (the "Pick" button in the screenshot).

Now all I've got to do is fill in some of the details between these ends, and I should have something that'd be worth posting on the store.

☑ Discover UPnP media renderers on the network
☑ Implement API to control media renderer
☑ Pick images from arbitrary local sources
☐ Serve selected image via HTTP
☐ Make the "Send" button play this HTTP URI
☐ Figure out how best to include the gupnp libraries in the package.
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