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Social media is the endless audition.
Social media is the endless audition.
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Glad to hear good news from Twitter. And will admit while am a big fan do feel like, if they struggle? Then why wouldn't I? So much is so new. Figuring it out is worth it though, which I'd say to G+ crew as well. History is not best made in the moment but in the constant effort. Ooh, I like that. Maybe will tweet it. Yup, tweeted!

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Things tend to stay interesting with this rivalry. I think is great for +MLB baseball. Ok just put that there, as to me is just fun.

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Fashion fascinates me. Sharing from Versace. And not planning usually on rhyming like that, just random.
Leather striped jacket on the Porter Magazine May issue.

Photographed by Tom Craig
Styled by Cathy Kasterine
Model: Molly Smith

My full personal theory, which I emphasize to note made some things up, is that you get two types of attention on the web: reference or celebrity attention.

Where for reference, you provide information people need or want to use, while for celebrity you entertain them, by providing them a desired mood, safely.

So to entertain people they need to know what mood you will provide--by my made up theory, ahead of time. Which trips a LOT of people up. If people are going to laugh from your content? They need to know BEFORE they click on anything to get it. If they're going to be sad? Same thing. For ANY mood and for the best who have massive social media followings? You can see that on the daily.

For reference attention the Wikipedia is a great example. Just need something useful.

And reference attention is where I get most of my reach. And in fact, it's REALLY hard to get a mood for my writing or social media, as I'm quirky. I write as the mood moves me, without much concern for how it may make others feel.

Which is how I keep my social media numbers depressed.

So yeah, if you think you can post as you feel? Without concern for how others may feel as a result? You can be like me, with low social media numbers and low engagement.

If you want HIGH engagement and lots of followers, then people need to know what mood you can give them--ahead of time.

Or as like to say--set up expectations, then deliver.

Now skeptical person go out on the web, notice how you FEEL with your favorite social media superstar BEFORE you see ANY content. And see how you feel once you engage with it. Like on Instagram, imagine your favorite, then go look at the account, and don't be amazed.

Just know I'm right.

Now? See if you can do it. Set up a mood for YOUR audience and deliver.

My personal theories are products of my imagination and feel no need to justify them if you disagree.

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One of my favorite discussions is around climate science. And decided years ago to functionally define science JUST because of the debates around our world's climate. And found myself focusing on--predictive certainty.

That's the thing where you accept without thinking about it too much so much of our modern world. We live in a way our ancestors could not, so certain, but how?

Science is how.

If you think you live in a world of uncertainty then think again. Your confidence in many areas defies ANYTHING prior humans before science could have. Yet uncertainty about science is touted by the world's media as if it exists. Does it really?

Is a political arena in our times only when people struggle to understand what science is. But how does anyone know?

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Useful information from US Government about disclosure with Instagram specifically mentioned where FTC explains.

From the blog post:

We’ve been spending some time on Instagram lately. Why? Because advertisers, endorsers, and consumers are spending time there, too. What we saw raised concerns about whether some influencers are aware of truth-in-advertising standards about endorsements and disclosures.

That logo for this Collection though. For those who wonder: CMP--stands for Core Middle Party

My made up name for my made up personal political party which is not realized officially so I say am only member. Which makes me the party chairman!

Um, maybe that helps it stay one person too. Even if not a realized political party it feels good being party chairman even if more fantasy than reality.

My own personal political party? Is cool.

Promotion fascinates me and Star Wars to me offers a great arena to talk it, as they DO promote for Star Wars but one wonders, why bother? Remember few years ago when word came out of new one and by the time they were running TV ads, television stations were honored it seemed to run them. Seemed to me, Star Wars folks could have gotten television stations to pay THEM for the honor of running the ads.

Reality is we know about things because they get promoted, where best may be if close friends who know you well inform you of something really cool. While reality is often of inept efforts from relentless people hammering you with pressure to get something you don't want.

Finding that place in the middle? Is there a place in the middle? Or am I just using a phrase that sounds good when am not sure of the answer.

What I do know is--if not promoted then how will people know?

Maybe we need a new word as promotion has been run into the ground with negative connotations. And sharing is chasing it down that negativity hole.

Plenty of people are not really sharing, but promoting, relentlessly to ineptly hammer you with pressure...repeating myself.

Am sure whatever word is used, MOST of the people trying it will make a mess of it anyway, with a few who will stand out as giving us what we want when we want it, or even better, are desperate enough for it that television ads just seem like fun.

And yeah, no doubt even for the mighty Star Wars franchise it is clear the latest installments DO need ads, and promotion, if they are to maximize size of audience.

And if the mighty Star Wars franchise still needs promotion, do you think you don't?

Figure can just toss some things up on social media and if is good enough people will just grab hold and soar you to the heights?

Well, if even the mighty Star Wars franchise still needs promotion....

So yeah, whether you see it or not, if you know about it?

Someone promoted it, some way, some how.

Word of mouth is the best though, which is where people talk what you have. And yeah should admit, I HAVE put things up and just watched as they roar around the world. And that is how I have all of my global reach.

Is promotion though have learned. Just not me doing it. And not something I can control either. Message in this post just got mixed. But guess that is the reality. You may be able to just put something up and sit back and watch in amazement, which I know, as I've done it.

And need to admit there is also a LOT of work involved. And may have more savvy with certain things than I like to admit, even to myself.

Could go back-and-forth but will stop myself.

What I do know for sure--unless you discovered or created it yourself, if you learn about something new, some way promotion is happening.
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