Call me a dork but after 13 years living in the same Apartment Community it just seems like I should tell people why. And I could also go on about the +Alicante Apartment Homes being so pet friendly, the reasonable cost of living but here I will talk about the human touch.

I have lived at the Alicante for 13 years now and I think the key to their keeping tenants happy is that they listen, are understanding as well as proactive about solving any issue which may arise. For example, for the first time since I moved here the kitchen sink in my unit backed up and it wouldn't drain. I called the 24 hr maintenance line and they had someone at my door in less than 15 minutes.

And while the gentleman was working on my sink, my upstairs neighbor came down and said he was having thde same issue. Not ten minutes later the tenant below knocked on my door with his siink issue so at. 10 pm on a Thursday we neighbors sat, chatted and watched TV while the poor repairman ran from apartment to apartment.

Now, in how many apartment communities is there such a level of friendly and trusting attitudes? Not many. And I think a great deal of this has to do with each and every wonderful person who works here.

I rescue boxer dogs so I appreciate the available vinyl wood flooring and the complex is 10 minutes from the freeway, malls, great restaurants and the beach.

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