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James Gurd
London UK based Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Consultant
London UK based Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Consultant


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Hi Pete, nice blog thanks for posting.
For me not addressing potential issues with duplicate content is a common error which leads to lots of duplicate URLs then having to be addressed.
It's more than using the canonical tag as well, it's about understanding things like session IDs and URL parameters and knowing which ones to block from being indexed vs. which ones are actually valid unique URLs that should be indexed to support SEO.
I guess it relates back to the core IA point.
What's your view on handling duplication (small subject!)?
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Evening all,
Sorry to say I'm having to pull out of MeasureCamp due to some personal issues to deal with. 
Hope the day goes well and hopefully catch up with you all next time.
cheers, James

Afternoon all,

I'm also planning a talk about attribution but not from the analyst/modelling angle that +Russell McAthy is, mine is from the commercial side as that's where I sit.

The aim is to look at the difference between attribution analysis & attribution modelling and discuss how analysts/consultants can help Client side teams understand the value to their business.

Does that sound interesting enough?

Thanks, james
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