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James Gordon
Software developer, father of two and kung fu addict.
Software developer, father of two and kung fu addict.

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I am incredibly happy that Apple is opposing the FBI's request for an iPhone back door. Hopefully this issue gets lots of BALANCED media coverage and that Americans don't go into "but it's in the national interest" mode, because not only is putting a back door in the iPhone NOT in their national interest, it's in NOBODY'S interest!

This case impacts ALL Apple customers (and, ultimately, all smartphone users), not just Americans, so let's hope Apple is able to hold out and doesn't get compelled by some twisted/arcane US legislation to abide by the FBI's request.

I really like how well this letter is written. It is respectful and considerate, but also firm and clear.

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Having recently researched 4K TV's and coming to the conclusion that they just weren't worth it, and having known for many years that true picture quality comes from dynamic range rather than resolution, I am hopeful that HDR TV's become a reality sooner rather than later.

As much as I like Apple products, I really hope they don't buy Dolby and end up "owning" HDR though, as I really don't think that will result in an optimal outcome for consumers.

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Social engineering at its finest!

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Is there no limit to what the corporate marketing militia will do to track us?

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Genos International is conducting research to determine new ways of helping people manage stress, build resilience, collaborate with colleagues and build healthy relationships at work. To do this we need as many people as possible to complete an online questionnaire.

If you can help us out by completing the questionnaire (it will take roughly 15 minutes), you’ll receive a free assessment report and emotional intelligence development guide valued at $350.
We will also be running free webinars for everyone who participates. These webinars will cover the research outcomes and how to apply emotional intelligence with others at work.

Thanks in advance to everybody who completes the questionnaire.

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TL;DR: Shred your used boarding passes!

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This article raises an interesting point about the overall efficacy of anti-virus programs. Not only have there been viruses recently that have targeted the anti-virus programs themselves, it seems companies can also submit files to TotalVirus that look like they are malicious but are actually very similar to files needed by the operating system. Other anti-virus companies update their databases to consider these files as harmful and boom - your anti-virus program is deleting essential system files. Not cool!

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What a surprise. Another non-value-adding-huge-money-sapping-mega-corporation takes a tough stance on people reverse-engineering their code. I don't know which is more striking - Oracle's ignorance or its arrogance.

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This dude probably should have used a less deadly type of force to take out the drone hovering over his back deck, but good on him for taking a stand. (I know, I know, he actually went to the effort of using his least deadly gun. Such a considerate chap.)

I reckon a radio jammer running on the right frequency probably would have been a better solution - then you can just blame it on equipment failure or pilot error.
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