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James Garry
A chartered physicist in Vancouver, Canada.
A chartered physicist in Vancouver, Canada.

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With Canada's birthday party fading away, and the 4th of July looming, we shouldn't forget that over time the mightiest nation can erode and fade till it is little more than a type of cuisine.

Golly, only just learned that it's International Asteroid day!

I'm not surprised that, to most news organizations, someone's tweets have a higher importance than recognizing our bug-like status in the grand scheme of things.

<so tonight I'll go home and hug a meteorite - and ask it not to bring its bigger friends to play with us>

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By Kinder Morgan's own data, they've had roughly a spill a year for the last decade, and many more per annum before then. Ms Clark appears to suggest that KM will soon have in place methods for preventing leaks.

Given that the only way to prevent a spill is to intensively test and replace suspect parts of a pipe, before it leaks, why does Ms Clark think Kinder Morgan will suddenly improve their processes?

This is a company that, in April of 1989, had a leak of unknown scale from a tank farm.
Their words. Unknown.
Not, "Less than 1 cubic metres" (because that's the precision on our tank gauging)


Just like the future safety of this proposal.

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Not good.

Play with the toggles for the year markers - and be amazed at WTH happens to the sea ice in the late 90s.

I'm looking at where that line for 2016 is, and thinking that it was low but possibly tolerable all the way to the end of September.

But it appears that all the wheels on the bus came off in early October, and there's no interpretation that doesn't boil down to "Oh, shit...."

(The reason why it's so far off is because both ice caps are at lowest levels for this time of year since 1979. In other words, the denialist "but the Antarctic is gaining" is nowhere near true....)

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What a company - they're sending me things that they've not even made yet!


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I thought that this seemed a little too cheap for a Schneider Electric joystick. But the joystick itself is visually an absolute clone (2xSPST, properly spelled label on the contact-side) - perhaps it's just made after-hours when the QC folk aren't looking?

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A street sign in Vancouver, Canada.

<Mr Harper being the current Conservative prime minister of this land>

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Unicorn ice-cube!

(second one this year - and despite filling the tray evenly and avoiding obvious temperature imbalances, I only get one unicorn-cube at a time: quite a puzzle.)

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