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IT Service Management and IT Operations Management specialist. For work stuff, see:
IT Service Management and IT Operations Management specialist. For work stuff, see:

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In anticipation of my Windows laptop running out of life, I think I have now got to a point where I can safely remove Windows from my life. 

I've now moved to a Chromebook for 99% of things.

I am a consultant so there are certain types of applications that I need.  They have all historically been Microsoft applications, from Word, Excel and Powerpoint to Project and Visio. 

At home there have been other things that we need to be able to do, but where I couldn't do them cloud based or with the Chromebook, I have rebuilt an old desktop with Ubuntu. 

Application wise, Google offers easy replacements for MS Office, with Docs, Sheets and Slides. To replace Project, I have migrated to Gantter and for Visio replacement, I'm using LucidChart.   Don't get me wrong, they are not exact replacements and it is taking me a while to learn how to use the applications, but that is because I have used Microsoft products for so long. 

Printing is easy with a Google cloud compatible printer.  

Minor other things, like KeePass have been sorted out by migrating the database to the cloud and using KeePassDroid on my phone.

The laptop is now going away to give me the opportunity to find other things I can't do, and then work out how to do them again with Microsoft.

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I do like a bit of bluegrass

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Press play, turn up the volume and swing your pants! It's Sunday morning; what else are you going to do?

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5 trillion images per second.

Imagine the videos of explosions and neutral activity and the incredibly increased ability to document and investigate the processes. 

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Poor baby! Somebody should've told him first!

The Daily Beast: Trump on Being President: ‘I Thought It Would Be Easier’

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We all know what Monique says, don't we? 

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Earth seen between the rings of Saturn gives us perspective on the vast space in our solar system. Our home planet is a point of light between the icy rings when seen by our Cassini spacecraft at this distance of 870 million miles from Earth. More: #EarthDay

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What would we be without walls?

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Is it time for a re-release? #FGTH #TwoTribes 

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