Social Target Audience

I just posted a status on facebook suggesting that I'm thinking of closing down my account over there and inviting people's comments. While discussing the matter, I acquired a sudden revelation.

I'm probably being quite slow on the uptake here, but it strikes me that different social networks attract different audiences. I was in my mid 20's when I moved from MySpace to facebook, realising that MySpace was full of teenagers posting about stuff I just wasn't interested in.

(No offence +Tom Anderson)

Now I've entered my 30's, I'm actually finding the content of the posts on facebook to be heading the same way. Perhaps I'm getting old before my time, but most of the content over there just seems completely frivolous and uninteresting.

(No offence +Mark Zuckerberg)

Don't get me wrong, there's a place for frivolity in all our lives, but when you're bombarded with it on a daily basis it does tend to get a bit much.

In the MySpace days, I only had a small circle of friends. When I realised that most of them were on facebook anyway, I had no convictions about closing down my account in lieu of the book of faces.

This situation is different. I'm fed up of facebook, but only a small handful of my real-life friends have got accounts on +Google+, and those that do don't post very often. There lies my debate. If I want to stay in touch with those friends, facebook is the best way to do so.

I now spend the vast majority of my time on Google+. I find the content over here much more stimulating and interesting. The interaction is much richer and the debates are healthy & informed.

So, MySpace was for teenies to talk about which pop group members they fancied, Google+ is for intelligent & mature conversation and facebook is for... Well, I don't really know. It's for everyone, I guess. Everyone who wants to keep in touch with their friends.

Help me out here, guys. What's the best thing to do?
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