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Software created for your unique business
Software created for your unique business

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Don't miss our first live broadcast from App Maker University tomorrow at 11am Mountain. We will be talking about Google App Maker, some of our early success and to show how fast and easy App Maker is to use by building a Service Desk App live on the show in only a few minutes. 

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We are really excited to be co-launching Google App Maker University along side the new Google App Maker.

App Maker is a low-code, application development tool that lets you quickly build and deploy custom apps tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Don't miss the next session of Cloud IT Live #gde #googleappsscript #techtalk

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SWSD Global’s ‘Awesome Job!’ Salute

From time to time we like to acknowledge the great work being accomplished by others in our continually growing industry. Today, we salute ViWO Inc., a leading cloud solutions provider that really lives up to its mission of helping organizations realize and benefit from the transformational power of the cloud. 

Medical manufacturer, OxyHealth, needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system for its burgeoning business and the company wanted automated email tracking, calendar
synching, and a quick and easy way to work with their CRM.  It was ViWO to the rescue as they quickly went to work to deploy ZOHO CRM and Google Apps for Work.  Not only did they overcome a number of challenges, they did it all in about a week!

It is this kind of effort and problem resolution that makes all of us in the technology business benefit from positive experiences with the ever-growing movement to the cloud.  In short, success stories like the ViWO-OxyHealth collaboration is good for business.  Awesome job ViWO!

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Startup Tech Company Expands in Albuquerque

(Albuquerque,N.M.)...SWSD Global, dba Southwest Software Designs, LLC, today announced that it is expanding its headquarters in New Mexico’s largest city.

World renowned Google Cloud Platform solutions architect, James Ferreira, said his software company’s business has been growing quickly so he is adding staff to keep up.

“New Mexico has been good to me and now that I am in a position to do so, I want to give something back and, in my mind, providing even a few jobs in today’s rough economy is the right thing to do, ” he said.

SWSD Global recently hired two sales representatives, a sales assistant, a graphic artist, and a client development director for the Albuquerque headquarters. The company also employs a production manager in Seattle, and developers in India and China. Ferreira describes his business as an innovative software design company that specializes in development on the Google Cloud Platform.

“Let me put it this way,” said Ferreira. “Have you ever wished that Google Apps could?…(fill in the blank)..that’s what we do, if you think it, we can make it and take your business to a new level. Our company mantra is ‘We Personalize Google Apps!’

Ferreira says he plans to keep adding personnel as his business continues to grow in Albuquerque and worldwide.

Ferreira’s background includes authoring the first O'Reilly book about Google Apps Script and, as a partner in a previous development venture, he developed and managed several Google Add-ons used by millions. An online visit to Google Docs and/or the Spreadsheet stores, will show the free Add-ons Ferreira produced, such as Thesaurus, Clip Art, Bible Verse and Charts. He also founded GoogleScriptExamples, the largest place on the web for custom Google Apps Script libraries and code examples. He taught classes across the country and has spoken at national conferences and technical events like Google I/O.

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We made a video to help people understand what we do. Enjoy! 
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