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James Fellows
Old soul finding the path.
Old soul finding the path.

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sigh I regret not getting into the Numenera box set Kickstarter. Also my finances weren't great at the time either. What are the chances I can get a basic Numenera strong box?

Or am I talking to the wrong crowd, who'd never let go of such precioussss?

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See you in the Pale, Chris Cornell.

As part of my #InvisibleSun game, I'm going to have play-by-post as an option. Anyone have any experience how to make that work well?

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Registration is open!

RPGmeetup - June 2017

Date: Sat 10th June
Time: 12:15
Location: DUCKS NUTS, Dickson.

Pheno will be on, so hopefully we'll hear about what's going on.

I can see the Pheno lunch is 12 to 12:45, so this is why the schedule is earlier.

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Another deluxe RPG? Lots of cards, and tokens, and fancy books with slipcases coming out now. Definitely could be used for inspiration.

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