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James E. Nichols

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BlackSalt. Crab cakes. Washington, DC.
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James E. Nichols

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New Roots. Enjoy!
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Out of Lives? Wait!

I can't stand the wait timer to play after I've died 3 times. I want to keep playing! In addition to reviving Brick after he gets knocked out, let us buy continues with coins or gold teeth.

Every time I see the timer I go and play another game, when I could be playing BAMF! instead ...
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+James E. Nichols Alrighty, noted!
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Brooke and Coach

As I mentioned elsewhere, I think this game needs at least one more playable character, preferably 2. It would be nice to be able to switch characters from time to time for more variety. Here are some of my ideas for Brooke and Coach. Take em or leave em ☺


Her standard attacks should be kicks (instead of punches, like Brick's); her "uppercut" should be some kind of flip kick. Her throw, should be forward (instead of backward, like Brick's). Her specials should emphasize her speed and agility. She should have an "Eagle Punch", like Brick's. Her core attributes and specials would need to be upgraded separately from Brick's; but Buff upgrades would be shared by all characters.

Basically, where Brick is strong, Brooke should be fast and agile. Her walking and rolling speed should be faster than Brick's


A special request from me. I think Coach would make a great 3rd character! He could use punches and an uppercut, like Brick. But his throw would go forward instead of backward, and Coach could throw heavy and light enemies. His specials should all be grapples, suplexes, pile drivers and body slams. Give him a "Fistnado" exactly like Brick's.

Basically, Coach should be slower than Brick but more powerful.


This game needs more characters. The core mechanics are solid. Please focus on expanding the roster of playable characters. You can make them unlockable, or you could make them separate IAPs (please don't though). More characters would spice up the gameplay and broaden this game's appeal. Even if a playable build of Brooke isn't ready, try to add her in an update shortly after you launch BAMF! on Android.
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+Eric Angelillo awesome! Can't wait to give Brooke a try! Since resources are an issue, consider releasing Brooke (and any later playable characters) as IAP.

I hope BAMF! does well on Android! For Brooke's sake😀
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James E. Nichols

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Too good to keep to myself ... 
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James E. Nichols

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Robert Glasper. Common. Classic.
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Loving that album..thanks for opening me up to him!
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James E. Nichols

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Hey, Common Sense. Nice to see you again.
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James E. Nichols

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The lyrics ... Listen to them.
Listen on Google Play Music
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Double Tap to Roll

After comparing the Android beta with the iOS version of BAMF! on my iPad 3, I've noticed that the roll move isn't as reliable on Android. For some reason, when I double tap to roll on the Android beta, it doesn't always register. On iOS the roll feels more responsive and, thus reliable.

Maybe make the double tap a little more forgiving on the Android version? On higher levels, the unreliable roll makes things even harder.
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Okay thanks!
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First Impressions

Right off the bat, I want to request Kit Kat Immersive Mode, which would hide the on-screen buttons and allow your app to use the entire screen. Trust me, you can add it now during beta or later, when your app goes live. People will want Immersive mode.

As an alternative to immersive mode, you could simply dim the on-screen buttons.

Immersive mode aside, I have some questions: Are there any other characters? Are there any other outfits/hats to unlock?
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Glad to hear Brooke's in the works, please incorporate her into the game ASAP! She'll add some variety with her different moveset, which is important for brawlers because of their inherently repetitive nature.

I gotta say, the economy is pretty balanced. I had to grind a bit to increase Brick's damage level, but I feel like I'm gradually getting better as my character levels up. I think your team could be a bit more generous with the gold teeth, but all in all, I think the economy is fair.

Also, I like how you randomized the special moves. It keeps things fresh!
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James E. Nichols

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Got 'em! Gamma Blue 11s.
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Miles to go before I sleep ...
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