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🏃‍ Don’t aim for personal bests.

🏃‍ Run for enjoyment and physical and mental wellbeing without any pressure to stick to a plan.

🏃‍ Stay hydrated and ensure adequate food intake.

🏃‍ Many women find maintaining regular running hard in the first trimester due to nausea and fatigue, however, this usually subsides during the second trimester and many women feel able to return to more regular running throughout the second, and some, into the third trimester.

🏃‍ If you start to find running too uncomfortable, switch to static cycling, appropriate strength training, swimming, walking or yoga.

🏃‍ Continue appropriate strength training, start pelvic floor exercises, ensuring you are doing them correctly and timing appropriately with abdominal muscle contraction (seek advice if unsure).

Great work from Emma Archer. Check out the full article for more...
The number and age of female recreational runners is increasing, demonstrating a significant number of women of childbearing age running competitively, many who may wish to continue their training while pregnant. Despite copious evidence suggesting exercise including running is safe during pregnancy, there appears to be a lack of knowledge among obstetric health care professionals and fitness professionals.
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I'm often asked the question by runners with shin pain...
"Can you run through shin splints?"
Running physio Brad Beer discusses exactly this in today's new blog post.
Can you run though shin splints? It's important to understand the factors that cause shin pain and to know why running through shin splints is a bad idea!
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Suffering with Runner's Knee? Time to work on your Technique...

Great new piece from physio Brad Neal on gait re-training for patellofemoral pain!
Physio Brad Neal discusses the role of running gait re-training in treating runners who suffer with patellofemoral pain. Running form can not be ignored.
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Running Stress Fractures: Are you at Risk?

Physical therapist Leigh Boyle talks us through the various risk factors for runners sustaining stress fractures. Take the test in the video and see how you get on...
Leigh Boyle takes a look at some of the risk factors for runners to know about in terms of preventing stress fractures before they begin to become a problem
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Three Runner’s Knee Exercises to Keep You Running Pain Free

Here's a quick routine to help you keep your body happily clocking-up the miles are you train to reach your running goals :)
You may be training for a marathon, half marathon, or perhaps your first 5km race. Whatever your goal, the key to success is your ability to remain injur...
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Running Technique Analysis - Quick Form Tips

Every runner’s technique is individual. If you ever get a chance to see a video of yourself, or another athlete running, use the tips in this video to assess whether or not you’re overstriding, and how your effective your stride pattern is.

If you can teach yourself how to run with your foot striking the ground under a flexing knee, you’ll be placing less stress and impact on joints such as the knee it self.

Both increasing running cadence (stride frequency) and increasing hip and knee flexion for a given pace will help you land closer to beneath your knee, rather than excessively ahead of yourself with an overstride.

Check out this video for more of an insight into how improve your running form...
Running technique is individual from one person to another. If you ever get a chance to see a video of yourself, or another athlete running, use the tips in this video to assess whether or not you're overstriding, and how your effective your stride pattern is.
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You have Plantar Fasciitis… Now what?

Great advice from Shawn Gerber on how to manage this stubborn injury...

Plantar Fasciitis has a tendency to become quite stubborn and persistent if not cared for properly. Proper rest, recovery and tissue management are all key components to resolving this foot injury, but many runners hope to continue training through the recovery process.
Philip MSK Cutts's profile photo
Don't ever run with this condition, it takes a few days to sort out if you see the right therapist or clinician. 
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Terry Smith Helps us form a better understanding of Femoral Acetabular Impingement 
What is Femoral Acetabular Impingement? Physio Terry Smith discusses FAI symptoms and causes to help us better understand this common diagnosis for hip pain
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Ever wondered about the effect of alcohol on the body?

How does alcohol affect fitness and running performance? Anybody who has run a Beer Mile will be able to tell you!
Ever wondered about the effect of alcohol on the body? How does alcohol affect fitness? Running after drinking alcohol is never a great idea!
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Tips for Running in The Dark
Stay safe out there folks! :)

Hywel Davies shares his experience by giving us six tips for running at night. Learn simple tips and tricks for better running in the dark this winter.
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Running Gait Analysis: Distance Running Form & Gait Cycle Made Simple

I’ve received a number of emails in the last few months, from runners, coaches and therapists asking if I can further elaborate on some of the technical gait analysis terminology used to describe different aspects of running form.

In this video on running gait analysis, learn how to assess running technique and understand the gait cycle fundamentals of running form in distance runners
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