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Hillary Craps On America: Campaign Bus Caught Dumping Human Waste In Metro Atlanta Street
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Meme Magic [OC]
What happens when I combine two of my memes?
Title; A Tale of Two Cities: Shining Differences
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This is what I always hear from people who do not have my PS skills.
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HOW IT WORKS ~ The making of Opus 55, The Dankness of the Memes. Here's a Gif file showing, in a simplified manner, the 38 layers of love I put together to create this masterpiece of contemporary art.
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Beyond Sad, Beyond Mad, Just Numb.
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Dirty Tricks Operative Unwittingly Provides Dark Money Trail to the DNC and Clinton Campaign

Violence at Trump Rallies Traced to Clinton Campaign and the DNC Through Process Called #Birddogging

Shady Coordinated Communications Chain Between DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC and Other Organizations Revealed

Key Clinton Operative: “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker”

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This video is from just a few days ago at a Trump rally in Akron, Ohio. A reporter from InfoWars wanders the crowd and asks people what their party affiliation is. She finds tons of former Democrats and many independents.
The other thing that’s remarkable about this video is the diversity of the crowd. Black people, whites, Hispanics, men, women, young and old are represented.
Isn’t it amazing how CNN and other “news” networks are unable to see this kind of diversity at Trump events?
It’s almost like they only see what they want to see.
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Meme Magic [caution: original and fresh content]
I was asked by a neo-democrat friend the other day if I was going to do an "Opus" of the RNC since I made one about the DNC.
I thought about it. So to be "fair and balanced" I produced this work over the last few day to describe the ambience of the Republican convention.
Titled; Opus 7: A New Memeginning.
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Madd Skillz
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Just Released Video With Dramatic Soundtrack!!!: The making of a Meme / Opus 55, The Dankness of the Memes [1:04]
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Opus 55, The Dankness of the Memes / The DNC comes to Philly ~~ In celebration of the Democratic National Convention. I give you my latest, dankest work.
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Hillary getting revenge for the memes I've made of her.
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We've done it before America, we can do it again! My latest work, enjoy!
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