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I finally got the Secret World Client Patcher(x86).exe program to run. I right clicked it and went into permissions and allowed all the open boxes under all the account levels, I right clicked desktop and in CCC I told it to use the basic video card (onboard) and right clicked the program and told it to run as administrator. Then the window popped up and it started downloading updates.

I'm all through watching Scorpion. I could care less what happens to Walter. I got tired of someone who has no feelings acting like he has them. Why if he wasn't pissed did he go driving recklessly at night? Why swerve when swerving to avoid the coyote would make him lose control? 
I didn't watch the season finale and I removed the show from my Series Manager. You guys should write better scripts.

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After Hannah gets bored waiting on the Mailman, she usually comes to me and sits on my shoulder and plays with my ponytail, but today it was all about the Kisses. Many, many, Kisses, she is a lover.

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Dexter and Hannah waiting on the Mailman.

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A short video in low light conditions with a full HD webcam of Hannah and Dexter playing.

I remember a funny story. It was back in the mid 80's when I was in the Army. I got to my permanent party station in Ft. Lewis Wa. I and a couple of friends one of which was Brian Berscheid (I hope I spelled it right Brian) decided that we had too much free time on our hands, so one summer we went to get our PADI open water certification.
We generally would get together on Saturdays and go into the Puget Sound where the water is 48 degrees even on the hottest days.

The instructor would get us on the bottom in a circle, there were maybe 16 of us in the group. Brian was next to me and we were directly across from the instructor who was writing on a white board and showing it to all of the class and we signaled we understood.

I looked down and saw an orange 100 legged starfish slowly climbing up Brian's leg so I elbowed the guy to my left and signaled for him to look and we both were laughing about it. Water was seeping into my mask and going up my nose and I was having a hard time breathing because I couldn't maintain the seal on my mouthpiece. 

Slowly everyone in the circle was involved though pointing or just looking around and seeing what was going on. Eventually everyone was laughing and swallowing water, I could hear everyone laughing and trying to clear their masks. The instructor finally noticed and stopped and was looking at Brian. Which made him realize something was up. You have to realize we were wearing scuba suits made of neoprene and you wouldn't feel a 100 legged star climbing up your leg. 

Brian looked around and I don't know if everyone was holding their breath to see how he would react to a 3 foot wide orange 100 legged starfish halfway up his body, but he looked down, screamed, lost his air and shot to the surface! About 8 feet up the starfish dropped off and drifted slowly to the seabed (because it didn't want to go to the surface) and casually walked on. The instructor wrote on the board "Stay Here" and went up to get him so he wouldn't get the "Bends". 

We were all trying to calm down and stop laughing but it never happened that day. Brian came back down and we would get control till we looked at him again and someone would start laughing and we would all lose it. I must have swallowed a gallon of seawater and I was plenty sick from it but thinking about it always makes me laugh.

I just watched "The People vs George Lucas" - I am not alone!
Some of that fan stuff was amazing! 
A short note to George: 
Please, Please, Please, Please... Kill off Jar Jar!
Pretty Please?
Thank you.

Sorry about the rant, I'm sitting here with all the stuff I ordered for the New cell I bought sitting here and still no cell. I really don't want to put negativity out there... it just makes me mad to buy stuff and then have the seller sit on the item I purchased for 3 (business) days to mail it. 
I mean I can't even do anything about it, if I knew he did that and I put off paying him for 3 business days then he just waits 2 more business days to mail it again. WTF man, WTF!

Plus, I'm really starting to worry I'm going to find out that it is not a new cell. mmmm, man if I find out it isn't new.... I'm going to bend this fucker over with ebay!
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