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Transmedia producer and author

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My good friend and artistic collaborator Christopher Michael Whitehouse was robbed of everything he owned the other night. They took everything from his studio at gunpoint, his tools, his crafts, his way of living and everything that he owned. Chris has been a long time supporter of myself and my art and it breaks my heart to hear this news. I have relied on CW myself on many occasions and happy to call him my friend and comrade, and one of the truly great people I have come to be close with here in this circus we call life. Whitehouse has taken my pieces and created beautiful show projections for bands, raves, clubs, shows and other events all over the country and is a constant positive force to our community.

(example of one of my pieces on a visual projection this last new Years in San Francisco representing Repsychled and Black Iron Kisses and ofc myself @AllSquareCat)

Without question in other times of need for our community, Whitehouse has always been at the forefront of the effort and I would like to ask all of us to come together now for him in his time of loss. Artists, we all know how much our tools and our craft means to us, and CW has spent the last year building and making a life for himself for him and his cat with the support of us all. If you can give any amount to his fundraiser, know that you are paying it forward to a great soul and a truly visionary artist. Chris, we love you very much and I personally want you know that all of us here are behind you, I'm so sorry this happened to you.
Thanks all! please share and pass around, spread compassion and creative collaboration within your own circles, this world could always use some more sparks.
Over the weekend one of our good friends was robbed at gunpoint in his studio. The thieves took everything he had: computers, video editing equipment, tools, welding equipment, a plasma cutter, even his phone, leaving him with nothing. Possibly the worst aspect is that he lived in the studio as well, and with the sanctity of that space violated he has no safe place to sleep. This is a beautiful soul who was generous with his time and art. We couldn't imagine abandoning him in his time of need. If you can give anything at all, please do. If you can't give, then please share this post.

Donate Here #BlackIronKisses   #AllCatPack   #AllSquareCat   #BlackIronKitten  

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Wrote my initial thoughts about Bowie's passing over on my Medium . There's a lot more I could have said, but I'll leave it with this. In other news, thinking about migrating to a different platform for this site.

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Tales From When I Had A Face Introduction
Just got the introduction online, with some of the in-progress concept art. Enjoy. We're shooting to have a near finished version of issue 1 (of 4) done by the end of 2016. Interested publishers or parties, feel free to get in touch .

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Tales From When I Had A Face: First Intro Live
I've just put up a first introduction, along with some of the concept art in progress. The final format will include much more art, and be laid out somewhat differently, but the text still carries the narrative in the first section of each of the 4 issues o...

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Tales From When I Had A Face
Still poking away at the inner title page for issue 4, The Spring Tree . The title fonts still remain dummy, I’m not set on that at all. Meanwhile, still going through a full editing pass on the MS of all 4 issues, and Peter’s working on concept art. Shit’s...

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Do You Even irl, Bro?
Have you ever thought about how you will vanish from the world? If you do, you might appreciate an immediate irony in that our digital simulacra are the very things we’d need to delete to disappear from the world. Being shut offline has a different signific...

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This Is Not A Game (Really)
I spent a lot of the mid-00s involved in various ARGs and transmedia narratives. For those that don't know, it's essentially a mix of role-playing, media production, and puzzle solving in various mixtures, using email, telephones, social media, physical obj...
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