What a day. A client's errant bot pulled +Media UK over; then the volume of error messages generated by the server made it difficult to do much else with the server. Ended up having to reject all port 80 traffic from the website for half an hour, which will have rather dented my traffic. Rewrote the error handling so that it no longer bounces off to a failwhale image on another website, and no longer confuses Google: but, more importantly, only emails me once every minute if there's something wrong (rather than on every single page attempt... eek). Shows how much the site's grown.

All that's rather wasted over four hours of time, which I was hoping to use to move james.cridland.net off the server at mediauk.com and onto my dedicated Wordpress cloud server. Frustrating.

The old error message, incidentally, is here: http://s3.mediauk.com/fail.html though you'll not see it in quite this form ever again (albeit something close). Cute, I thought.
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