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+James Creedy did you take these images yourself? I had the good fortune to sail close to these sea-forts last summer. They are such astonishing structures and deserve to be better known - unlike you I didn't have the courage to actually go inside one! I imagine that this is the most hazardous kind of exploration. 
+Salim Fadhley Yes, all the photos are mine, taken on Saturday. I managed to hitch a lift out with the Project Redsand team.

Glad you like the pics.
Are these the forts you can see way out to sea from Margate?
I think these are the ones you can see from the bay of the Solent. +James Creedy - can you talk about how you actually got inside one of these things? I know they have ladders but when I was there they seemed to have barbed wire and other devices to stop people trying to get in. 
+Salim Fadhley As I said, I got a lift with the Redsand team who are doing work out there. They have access and give you a free run of the place.
Sorry, actually I'm thinking of Shivering Sands sea forts. I saw a project at the museum of London last year - an artist called Stephen Turner lived inside one of the forts for six weeks.
Love it. They're so damn desolate.
Great photos, James. For those of you interested in British sea forts, I gave a 5 minute summary at Ignite London a few years ago:
+Tristan Roddis Glad  that you like them. Did you see the video too?

I like your vid. A good listen :)
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