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Did He Misspell His Last Name?
Romney’s family, misspelling their last name!
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Isn't this a still from Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem"?
lol I hope no one notices
Hey I like money, and I hope he turns the economy around so I can have lots of it.
lol +Adam Wyson. No president will turn the economy around... the people turn the economy around. A president just makes it look like someone is actually in charge. No one person in your political gardens has enough power to make any change - at least not the one who is portrayed publicly. The president is more of the punching bag and the spokesman for all the bullshit the political garden grows.
+James Cordeiro Yes they do. You see you are referring to actual constitutional authority, but the president is just a leader, that is it. A good leader CAN and WILL turn the economy around the exact same way Reagan did. Good leaders keep us drinking the coolaid, and if we think the coolaid is real, we spend money. Bad presidents, who hate business, force us to keep our money in our pockets in fear of what laws he will pass next.

As far as the whole Romney Money thing. Why does everyone demonize money? We all love it and we all want it, don't kid yourself. The president gets 400k a year to do his job. President Obama has over 10 million of his own. There are people in congress who have more money than Romney and yet we don't demonize them. It's a political circus and it amazes me that people actually fall for it. Being in the service industry I know quite well where the level of intelligence stands with the common consumer, and it's scary.
I +'d as I agree with a good leader keeps the public drinking the coolaid +Adam Wyson - but I don't have time to respond to your comment which I completely disagree with, lol.

"it amazes me that people actually fall for it" - you seem to be one of them, but for different reasons. The level of intelligence which stands with the common consumer, is scary. I agree.
Having "money" I feel is probably not a good thing for the average politician... unless... they made whatever they have themselves.
Here in Oz we have the top six members of the ruling party
(I may get these figures a little bit wrong, but it's close)
Who have among them, 180 combined years in the work force.. When I say "in the work force".. For many I mean in union management..for some, they have spent years working for the government in public service for one, a party lawyer... but out of the 6 of them there's a only 3 years combined working for the private sector...
How can anyone get a political grasp on what's needed in the real world when all they have ever done is work against it?
I'm not sure about the opposition party,,,but there is one bloke there who is a self made millionaire,,, he's done the hard yards and gone from being within an arse hair of living on the streets, to walking the isles of power... and what did the party do? oh,, shoved him in the corner with nothing to do.. Fools, he's the one they should be listening to... not because he's rich, but because he was poor.
+James Cordeiro All I'm saying is no president can really do too much without support. If he cant' convince people he is the real deal, he wont' get any support and businesses do not open their coffers. Obama could save the economy tomorrow if he stopped making threats at small business. Any man or women could be the president if they simple realized this. The best government is one that sits around and does nothing. I have always been happiest when the house is split.
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