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Online Marketing - Why SEO Is Not Your Only Marketing!
Below, is an image of an online marketing campaign I'm working on right now ( blacked out any information that might give away who my client is ) - I noticed an odd difference, although it's not actually odd at all. The contextual advertisements have a cost associated with them - but the cost is lower than my default bid for the campaigns. Made me realize, what a great time to explain why SEO is not your only online marketing method, and should not be. Also, to make it simple - I've dummied down this post to the utmost simplicity because I am busy and don't really have time to thoroughly discuss my viewpoint. Just wanted to rack your brains.

This client, whom has excellent standings in search rankings for any product related to their services down to the deepest link, is still heavily involved (Will Be) with AdWords and other online marketing methods. The reason! To capture any audience that might be or is missing. You can find out loads of useful information from your online marketing methods - such as missing keyword targets, missing search phrases not appearing in webmaster tools, how your pages are seen by Google in terms of landing page quality against exact and broad keyword targets, among much much more information. You can add to this if you'd like to in the comments - I didn't create this post to talk about how AdWords can be used for SEO, but it can ;). Anyways, why create an advertisement for a product that costs less than the amount I'm paying to get them to the website? Why pay to get them in the door if you might will probably lose money doing so?

The Answer Is Simple
Once you have a client in the door, or a customer at your register - they are now your customer as long as you treat them right, give them what they are looking for, and provide a great user-end-experience whether online or offline. Doing so, usually creates repeat business. And repeat business, is where the profits of your marketing methods prove true. Do you see how paying to get a customer is likely to provide more profit in the future? We see this with advertisements all the time - similar to brand marketing. So, don't forget that your oonline marketing if you have a product and/or service to sell - should not be left in the dark. Any Questions?

also, for this client most customers (57%) buy more than 1
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+James Cordeiro Excellent post, even in its dumbed-down version (just a thought, would that make it a 'Online Marketing for Dummies' candidate?). Perfectly illustrates the fact that we are moving towards the period where all marketing finally acquires customers with a longer shelf-life than the one-off buy. It also illustrates the point where SEO, Marketing and Social Media, meet.
Well put James. The same holds true for Offline sales and marketing. It always costs more to acquire a new customer, than it does to keep an existing one happy. Investing up-front in the customer onboarding process is generally a good idea.
Nice illustration of a valuable marketing strategy +James Cordeiro. Lost leaders, in some form or another, may be one of the oldest methods for acquiring new customers. "Keeping customers" by delivering an impeccable customer experience is the way to build a sustainable company. "Keeping Customers for Dummies" could be a big hit today!
I like this idea! There are all kinds of hidden costs in operating an online site -- including our own energy and time. Spending a bit on Adwords could also, in the long run, end up saving work in those other areas.
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