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New 2015 Mini Drone Quadcopter! HD Video

Okay... time to go live, and then, cuddle the pillow. good gosh, I need to cuddle the pillow.

This here, is the NightHawk 007 Series RC Quadcopter HD Video Recording Drone by You Go Products (pending exclusive). Excellent beginners drone! with headless mode which can also be used if you fly to far and have lost your orientation. The NightHawk Quadcopter is fun, and super easy to fly. Hovering, stability, and the video capturing isn't shaky or all over the place like other mini drones. I have the Hubsan models, including the HD Hubsan H107C , but it's so easy to break, video is super jagged and hard to watch. The drone was way too small - easy to lose sight of, except for the lights. The NightHawk has a few flaws, but 10x better as a beginner model than the Hubsan min quadcopter. And for experienced flyers who want to spend less than $100, this one just kicks ass. Especially the video.

Amazon Canada:

Amazon US:

YouTube Flight Video:

Color Manual: Emailed when you order.
GrayScale Manual: Emailed when you order.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" ~ a quote in a farewell card many many years ago, not forgotten.
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Not abandoned, +Robert S, Ufologist - just very very behind schedule. I was told in February it would be available. It's July - still not available. They have said "next week" every time I ask. Next week never comes.
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James Cordeiro

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A recently discovered octopus..
It doesn't have a name yet, possibly going to be  "Adorabilis"
Sounds fair to me
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James Cordeiro

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A word tool, to find it all. :)
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James Cordeiro

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You Go Words vs You Go Rhymes has finally taken over the lead in traffic from and the top used page goes to users checking "history" searches kiki emoticon. Yay

You Go Rhymes ( ) I started 3 or 4 years ago.

You Go Words ( ) was completed in November I think.
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James Cordeiro

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haha :D!!
You must go to +Caption My Caption to submit your caption.

Round 183

No words.....

If you want to play #CaptionMyCaption  on a more regular basis then simply circle ​+Caption My Caption
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Oh my goodness haha
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James Cordeiro

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ha. :)
This works..

though, to be honest, if I'd written this I wouldn't have used the expressions "Please".. or "go away"
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Giving away free beer I haven't seen ... Well ever!
What a great idea!

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James Cordeiro

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Say "Thank you Jesus"

and the Mexican may well say  "de nada"
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James Cordeiro

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:) yes please
Getting bored with civilization a Canadian couple ditched the hustle and bustle of city life to leave on floating Island. Wayne Adams, Catherine King and their
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James Cordeiro

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. ha :)
Pluto ... why was it named so?

Once seen, can not be unseen
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James Cordeiro

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Can you teach me  that?
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James Cordeiro

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I would soooo love to ride through #3 ( Norway and Sweden ). That would be awesome. I laughed at the two different approaches to bark beetle between Germany and Czech Replublic Spain and Portugal, seem to be doing it right :)
The differences between some countries is amazing..
Number 3, A white line through the snow covered forests between Norway and Sweden..  
number 4, a line through a cafe between the Netherlands and Belguim and a house that sits in both, imagine having your lounge room in a different country to the bedroom..
Number 7 is an eye opener..
Number 8 looks to be the most fun to cross.
Number 6, the border between Australia and everywhere else is the best though
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James Cordeiro

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. I need to bring myself back a bit. And this movie will do it :)
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There is no flowers I've ever had last this long. Excellent quality flowers! Shop can use a bit of a touch up for appeal, but other than that. Brilliant :)!
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Your money wasted! You're money will go to waste if you are looking to repair a machine. Unless you are paying for parts - but even the parts are over priced for your repair. The body part purchased was marked up almost 80%. The repairs requested to be done, were not done at all - I'm unsure where it is my money was put to use. I took the quad to another mechanic, 10x better machine. The only thing this Outback gave me that I should have paid for, is the new plastic body part. I requested clutch adjustment - the only thing adjusted, was a new clutch bar. The work order recommended other changes - this did not mention the angled back axle, the loose chain which made noise before and after going in (replaced and corrected by new mechanic work), On the work order, a recommendation to replace right rear shock. The shock, is perfectly fine. Makes a huge difference if your axle is on correctly and bolts are tightened. I am very displeased with the service.
• • •
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Amazing prices, friendly staff. The customer service, is phenomenal every time and their product selection has covered every need. Thanks.
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:-) My future wife & I stayed here. ^__^. Excellent staff, great breakfast, clean rooms - great place to stay. The shuttle service is excellent.
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