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James Coleman
A developer who loves God with all his heart.
A developer who loves God with all his heart.

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Created a tool for viewing statistics generated by vnStat.

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Here is my newest project. A router which is built for the future:

Signing up for Google Fi. I asked the support if I could get 256-512-1024, but they said they don't allow picking a number outright. I made the support guy laugh with my nerdy jokes of 502 bad gateway and such.

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A way for regular people to generate secure passwords. I posted more information at

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I have posted the source code to the website I wrote for the IT Club of Calhoun. It was mostly stuff I just threw together quickly and uses a key stretching algorithm I wrote which will work, but should really be PBKDF2 or something similar.

The website allows for easy modification by someone other than myself as my term for presidency of the IT Club is over and I want to allow future presidents to be able to modify the site to their hearts content.

The site is located at if you are interested and the source code is located at

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Snow has started, here where everyone drives crazy when it is snowing.
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I should have known to tighten the prop on this quadcopter before flying... You never know what might happen. You should also be prepared for failure with backup props, motors, and frames.

I love green bubbles. Hangouts.

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The moon today looks amazing.

I forgot to change the ISO setting and need to re-take photos....

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I just learned of a site shared by a friend that has error codes that every website should adopt. The cat theme goes perfectly with the most important thing to the internet. Now, if you don't adopt these wonderful cats, do some other funny ones like what I do with my website by putting geckos. Google does something funny as well for error codes, if we all do funny things the internet would be fun.
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