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James Clive-Matthews
Editor, writer, semi-retired political blogger
Editor, writer, semi-retired political blogger

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Trying to work out the point of Google Plus (just as I did 2+ years ago when it launched, before deciding it was little more than a distraction on top of a snooping database of my online activity and deleting my account), I stumbled across this: - so nothing's changed in 2 years except that this place is harder to avoid? Joy...

Using the Matrix analogy, I'm now going to strive to work out how to bend the place to my will, Keanu-style.

(Or, more likely, just complacently forget about it and hope Google isn't evil, while my life is silently filed in a vast underground datacentre, thousands of miles away, and subtly used to distort my worldview by reaffirming my prejudices, making me bored of my own interests by constantly firing them back at me - in just the same way Spotify never suggests any surprising music to me any more...)

So, I'm back on Google Plus. Still seems to be mostly tumbleweed...

Hello? Anyone there?





This place is a little scary... runs back to the comfort of Twitter
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