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It appears we have the best of all possible outcomes from the auction. So it looks like Bitcoin will be having a great year. :)
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Great news and interesting article. Thanks +James Clayton 
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
VRC, that I mentioned a few times here, has now broken into the top 10 CMC as I expected! Serious value to this coin so it could even end up staying in the top 10. (Time will tell, but, possible...) Karma is also skyrocketing today, one of my absolute favorites! #Vericoin  #karma 
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I just bought back in, so expect the price to tumble.
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James Clayton

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A stranger just paid for my Starbucks breakfast in the drive thru.. wow, how nice! Message for me was to "have an amazing day.." ... :)
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I try to do that everyday :)
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Coinking is what I am currently using for mining #Bitcoin and #Darkcoin, (and others). Works with the new Zeusminers and rebrands, and of course with GPUs, X11, X13, and so on. Coinking can auto convert to BTC, DRK, or many other alts and provides a lot of good options. Getting payouts no problem and everything appears to be fair.

Registration Page: 

Main Page:
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If you want to mine Bitcoin with Scrypt miners, or Darkcoin, here is a very good way to do that:

Registration Page: 
Main Page:

#Bitcoin #darkcoin  
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
I have been doing a lot of research on one of my new top picks, #Vericoin, #VRC. The lead dev is Patrick Nosker, a brilliant coder and molecular biologist. The design of Vericoin is pretty much perfect. It offers dymanic low interest, X11 Multipool, (coming soon) SMS messaging for sending money mobile to mobile, and multi level anon features as well. 

As most cryptos are just blatant scams I had to be sure, but now I am sure. In addition, the very famous Dan Kaminsky (Chief Scientist at White Ops) will be "Taking a peek" at Vericoin, as he is an old friend of PNosker. I bothered him on twitter just to be sure this isn't a trick, and he verified it and has over 40k followers. Not a scam, a serious coin.

This is a definite buy and hold in my opinion. Way undervalued at only 8699 Sats right now with around 27 million units total. Still, check it out yourself and then decide. This one look really good to me though!
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
If you are interested in a very high risk high reward early crypto, check out Singularity SING - This is new so the market cap is extremely low. Currently selling well below the cost to mine.

This is the first crypto, I believe, to allow ASIC and GPU miners to equally share the mining process. Best I can tell the code works very well and it is fair. ASIC, GPU, whichever way you mine, it is balanced well.

Also SING will have ANON with TOR, it has a great logo and a great name for us tech geeks that love the Singularity. The team was sharp enough to code something different and offer a unique coin, so, hopefully this means they are sticking around long term.

No promises, but I imagine they want the value quite a bit higher. If there is any level of success at all, starting with a market cap of thousands, massive profits. There you go, very high risk, potentially very high reward. #singularity #sing #bitcoin  
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As expected, the silk road auction appears to be a positive overall for BTC... Gathering more attention, and with bidders most likely interested in Bitcoin long term. Bitcoin cant get any more real than being auctioned off by the government.

In my view, all doubters of Bitcoin should stop doubting now, and start researching it before it really takes off.
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Definitely a positive for the Bitcoin community!
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
This is my favorite new Alt right now. VRC Vericoin. Check into it: Veribit may change things dramatically. Veribit will allow Vericoin to be used wherever BTC is. Really just by converting it, but a clever application that gives VRC a lot of merchants really fast. (sort of) Then with Verisend and Anon coming, VRC really has a lot going for it. Should be a top 10 CMC winner I think, assuming nothing goes wrong. So far, so good! #vericoin  #vrc #bitcoin  
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James Clayton

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Bitcoin is moving from its Deceptive phase to a very Disruptive phase. This Blog is going to explain why, and what you may want to do.

I've been tracking Bitcoin since its inception, and my confidence has grown to the point where I'm now trading in a portion of my gold holdings for bitcoin, buying it and accepting bitcoin for the Abundance 360 CEO Summit.

What exactly is bitcoin?

For starters, bitcoin is a digital currency. As of right now, one bitcoin is equivalent to about $600 USD. Bitcoin is divisible down to 8 decimal places, or 0.00000001 BTC. You can buy things with bitcoin, sell things for bitcoin, and exchange bitcoin for other currencies (and vice versa). You can also "mine" it, but we'll get into that later.

At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions... all good things.

Most importantly, it is an "exponential currency" that will change the way we think about money. Much the same way email changed the way we thought of mail. (Can you remember life before email?)

If you've followed my work, or participated in my Abundance 360 Summit, you understand that I teach and track exponential technologies using my "6 D's" approach, looking for "user interface moments."

Bitcoin is following the 6Ds and is on a path to go from deceptive to disruptive over the next 1 - 3 years. Allow me to explain.

Why Bitcoin is following the 6 D's

1. DIGITIZED: Bitcoin is digitized money -- it is a global, purely digital currency. Every bitcoin is traded, earned, sold, exchanged and bought in cyberspace. For this reason, it is living on Moore's law and hopping on the exponential curve.

2. DECEPTIVE: Bitcoin software was released to the public in 2009 and for the first few years has been growing in its deceptive phase. Few heard about it, few used it and accepted it. In addition, the currency has been hard to use; therefore, it hasn't had its "User Interface Moment" (the key transition from deceptive to disruptive). More soon.

3. DISRUPTIVE: As described below by my friend Barry Silbert (founder of Second Market), Bitcoin is about to enter its disruptive phase where its rate of acceptance and use will explode, as will its value. See below.

4. DEMATERIALIZING: Bitcoin is eliminating or dematerializing the use of physical money (bills and coins), even credit cards. But more than that, it is also dematerializing (read: eliminating) the need for central banks, lawyers and currency exchanges.

5. DEMONETIZING: Bitcoin eliminates middlemen (banks, lawyers, exchanges) and demonetizes the cost of transactions. No fees. It makes it cheaper to use, spread and share money.

6. DEMOCRATIZING: Bitcoin makes access to capital available to everyone, where there are no banks, no ATMs and no credit card suppliers. Ultimately, as we move (over the next 6 years) to a world of 7 billion digitally connected humans, Bitcoin makes currency available to anyone with a connection to the internet.

Bitcoin's Evolution - Why it will be Disruptive Soon

My friend Barry Silbert (founder of Second Market) recently spoke as my guest at Singularity University's Exponential Finance conference about Bitcoin. He provided an excellent overview of its near-term trajectory, summarized below. His input has also put me on the lookout for the "User Interface Moment" - that moment in time when an entrepreneur designs a piece of interface software (think Marc Andreessen and Mosaic) that makes it so easy to use bitcoin.

I'll be reporting on those user interfaces, investing in those startups and helping to promote them.

Okay, now back to Barry Silbert's insights. Barry outlined five phases for this digital currency that help explain where it's been and where it's going.

Phase 1: The period 2009 to 2011 was the early 'experimentation phase' for bitcoin (i.e. deceptive). Here the software is released to public and most technologists and hackers started playing with the code. During this phase, there was no apparent value to currency yet; mining bitcoin was easy and could be done by a single person on a MacBook or PC.

Phase 2: 2011 marked the beginning of the 'early adopter' phase (still deceptive). There was a lot of early hype and press around Silk Road (where you could buy drugs). The value went from less than $1 to over $30, then crashed. This spurs the first generation of bitcoin companies to build basic infrastructure: wallets, merchant processors, mining operations, exchanges, etc. - i.e. the early user interfaces.

Phase 3: 2012 thru mid-2014 marked the beginning of the 'Venture Capital Phase.' Folks like Marc Andreessen, Google Ventures, Benchmark and others have begun investing in Generation 2 Bitcoin companies. We are right in the middle of Phase 3 right now. Thousands of bitcoin companies are getting funding. Many of these are trying to create the "User-Interface Moment."

Phase 4: Fall 2014 thru 2015 will like see the start of the Wall Street Phase. Here we will begin to see institutional money acknowledging digital currencies as an asset class, and they will begin trading it, investing it and creating products around it. This marks the start of the disruptive phase.

Phase 5: Finally will come the 'Mass Global Consumer Adoption' phase -- this is where bitcoin becomes a major player in the global economy. When consumers feel it is easy, safe and secure to use bitcoin. It won't be possible until after the "User Interface Moment" materializes, but I believe, as does Barry, that this is only 1-2 years out.

So now what?

Learn, do, teach... Go experiment! Create a bitcoin wallet and buy some bitcoin. There is no better way to learn than by doing.

First, there are a few bitcoin exchanges where you can "buy" bitcoins with dollars (or other currencies). The most popular exchanges are:

Coinbase (
Bitpay (
For those of you in my Abundance 360 Community, we will be discussing bitcoin in more detail. We will talk about how they work, how you start investing, how you mine, how you get involved, how to create a wallet, and how to begin acquiring bitcoin.

If you aren't a member yet, join us here:

Best of luck,

P.S. Every weekend I send out a "Tech Blog" like this one. If you want to sign up, go to and sign up for this and my Abundance blogs.

P.P.S. Please forward this to your best clients, colleagues and friends -- especially if they don't trust bitcoin yet.
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
I think VRC is the next VTC. Timing is perfect, perfect design. People are looking for quality at a time when Alt coins have hit rock bottom with scams, lies, and features promised and never delivered. A coin of truth and quality, right when most are just making crap coins, never implementing the promises, and leaving bag holders to make them into "community coins."

I think we should see very good gains over the next few weeks. There will be manipulation, whales, pumps, dumps, but also loyal fans buying in. Just like they did with Dogecoin, Darkcoin, and Vertcoin in the past. (IMHO, and this is just speculation of course, no guarantees, but I have made some pretty good predictions in the past)

From Patrick Nosker: "If you want a rich list you have two options. You can make it yourself. I would recommend blockparser. I even have a version for VeriCoin that half works ( Feel free to use that as the basis for your own to generate a rich list.
The other option is to donate something to the BTC or VRC wallets belonging to the VeriFund. We will make sure it goes to somebody who advertises they will make a rich list.
Frankly, we are spending our time developing features. Not making you more at ease that whales aren't going to dump on you. You can live with that or not. effectsToCause and I designed VeriCoin not to get rich (that would be nice) but rather as an exercise in making the best damn coin around. The best all around coin with fast transactions, high security, a reward for holders (dynamic PoS), accessibility (SMS wallet), and ease of spending. We are working on ANON just because it's been requested so many times though please mark my words: VeriCoin is not an ANON coin. It will be a great coin that happens to have the ability to perform anonymous transactions.
I hope this answered most of your questions.
TLDR: Either make the rich list yourself or buy it. We don't have time to do something that isn't an integral part of the coin. VRC will have ANON but ANON is not the selling point of the coin. The well-roundedness is."

Some might remember when I suggested BC at a few thousand sats. The patterns here appear identical. Lots of suppression around 10k. A rise to 20k, waves, more suppression, and then it really took off. 27 million units instead of 77 million for BC, VRC also has more features, and a dev with a real name. Also perhaps the most famous "white hat" hacker will be "taking a peek" at the anon features of VRC to help Patrick get it polished up and as good as can be. No guarantees, but this coin may do amazingly well over the next couple weeks. Certainly worth checking out.

If I am correct, and BC isn't a perfect comparison, we are at around April 10th - also, compare old VTC charts, VRC is sort of a mix of VTC, a purist coin, and BC, a fast POS coin. Also with SMS sending for money, a working multi pool like BC, and as an added bonus, multiple levels of anonymous sending will be coming. Along with the first coin with dynamic interest. The dynamic interest interest is also low, maybe 1%-2% per year, which matches up well with other top 10 POS coins. This one is just better.

#Vericoin  #VRC 
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This does look promising. Thanks +James Clayton . i will do my research. 
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James Clayton

Alternative Currencies  - 
Vericoin, that I suggested some time ago, has gone up quite a bit. This is perhaps the best Proof of Stake coin out there. Has weighted interest, which is a totally new design, and a great new Android App coming. Multipool testing appears successful, and to top it off, they are adding the very popular anon features that people seem to be looking for today.

With a market cap of around half a million, this coin potential could have massive gains. With increasing daily volume, development, and unique weighted interest that is still low and realistic, not to mention being the best drama free Proof of Stake coin made, it could end up like a proof of stake Vertcoin. Perhaps even a top 10 coin if everything works out. I suggest doing the research and looking into this one while it is still very cheap per unit.

#vericoin   #vrc  
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Gone up quite a bit since I suggested it. Broke 20k resistance, well over 3k BTC volume on MP alone. I think this may be the next Vertcoin.
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Amazing pizza, if you live anywhere around it you should give it a try. Luckily I live close by and I plan to stop in again soon. When I was last in the manager (or owner) asked me to comment on crust thickness, delicious either way, but I think the thinner crust is the best by far. The subs and the rest are also delicious and the prices are very reasonable. It is also nice to support a small business and not eat dominos. Which obviously isn't close to Vindoli's, they make real pizza here that is comparable to those times you may remember eating one of the most delicious pizzas ever.
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