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James Carpio

The alpha playtest materials for Pulp Era are now in the TSR playtest group on Facebook. For those who have interest, but are not part of the group PM me and I can add you (if you are on Facebook of course). Right now only the character generation and the rule section are up. The antagonists chapter will be up shortly so combat can be tested.

1/2 hour till I make my way to Metatopia. This is my first time, so nervous. Not nervous to go to a convention, but nervous being surrounded by other designers. However, I was nervous about attending a learning conference a week ago and had a blast.

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+Bryce Byerley look who I had lunch with today. Hard to believe I've known her for close to 25 years.

I bought it several years ago and never even cracked the spine. I had been planning to run it by using a tabloid to create an adventure on the spot, but never had the opportunity.

The work has begun on Pulp Era 2nd edition. Now that Top Secret: NWO has been put to bed, I can now fully focus on this project. I'm hoping by the end of September I can start taking playtesters. I found a really awesome artist who specializes in Art Deco punting to do the cover. I want to give this game a very specific look and feel. IMHO the pulp novel look has been way overdone. Still looking for internal art, so if have leads on some good artists who specializes in Art Deco or similar styles, shoot me a link.

Woot! All registered and hotel secured for Metatopia 2017. I have been wanting to go to this conference for some time. In addition it will be nice to attend a Double Exposure event again.

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+Kevin Crawford works magic. Stars Without Number is an amazing sci-fi that would honestly give Traveller a run for its money. Back this amazing game.

So I believe I will be looking into attending Metatopia as a designer this year. +Studio187 and myself will be representing TSR Games and some of our playtesting projects including Pulp Era 2nd edition, the Crazy 88s engine, and Mythic Steel. I have been wanting to go for sometime now. I may have my chance.

I'm about to start running a BullDogs! campaign and I am looking for a few resources. As I am usually crazy with other things going on, I was hoping to find some sort of NPC Codex that would have some Sci-Fi NPCs statted out. I will be creating my "Big Bads", but I would like to have NPCs in the form of a stat block that I can use when I need to drudge up a quick NPC. I am also using Fantasy rounds so some quick cut and paste NPCs would come in handy.

Yes, I am a lazy GM of sorts. Heck of there is a good resource or setting I can purchase that would have these, that would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!

Going to begin running Bulldogs! via Fantasy Ground's FATE Core plug-in.
I have played D&D though FG, but never FATE.
Has anyone on this list ran BullDogs! or FATE (in general) though FG? If so, what was the experience?
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