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Ringleader in the Electric Sideshow
Ringleader in the Electric Sideshow


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I’ve spent the last few years working in fintech startups in New York. In particular, startups which are part of the U.S. equities markets. For the uninitiated, this means our firms are able to be a member of (other) national stock exchanges, and it comes…

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Take from this what you will:

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LOS ANGELES (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)—Officials in Los Angeles County and the tense city of Beverley Hills, California, remain mum nearly three days after an unidentified police officer shot an unarmed actor to death. But a young man who says he was with the…

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"5 Whys on a Cause Map,"  describes how to actually use 5W to figure out what you need to fix.

I'm calling Poe's Law on the coding stripper thing. (Either that or we know what the scumbags from Github have moved on to.)

I assume there's some "How to make money on this blogging shit" book out there pimping open threads as a cure for writers' block.

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This right here.
The solution is simple (in a way), but that's not it. When they are not starting a drag or performing some other special action, people expect the click, not the release, to focus the window. You can see in the bug reports I've filed and various mailing list discussions how this should work. The hardest parts of solving this seem to be getting developers to acknowledge the problem and its solution exist, and then getting developers from different projects to agree on the solution.

I'm prohibited from posting information about my company on G+, because Google does not have a way for this information to be archived and recorded. Twitter and Facebook have no such issues, of course, because they treat external APIs seriously.

The upshot is that I can't post links about what I'm doing at work on Google Plus for essentially the same reason I can't use Buffer to post here.

Which means you should probably check @jcape on Twitter, because I just had a cameo on 60 Minutes.
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