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New light bulb to last 23 years!!!
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They won't though. Where's the market once we've all got enough to fit everything?
CFL's a built to last 10 years and burn out in one...
If you read the artical, the bulbs last for 2 decades if used for 3hrs/day, many people use their lights more than this (I think they use the same 3hr/day to estimate lifespan of CFLs too +Jeff Schultz ). Also, they're more expensive, which usually also means larger profit margins. And then there are people like me who actually break things all the time. (Once of my CFLs didn't actually smash so much as fall apart at the base...). There are also health concerns with CFLs, they give off negitive ions that can be harmful....
+Patty Rose 3 hrs could be normal if you see it as the average time per day spread out over a year.

Here in the summer time (in Denmark) it doesn't get dark before 10 to 11 pm and around 5 pm in the winter.

So here an average of 3 hrs would be normal I guess. Also there's the days when you are not at home (vacation, business trips etc)
wouldnt it have to take 23 years for them to come up with that number?
Well, Peter, here, it gets dark at 8-9pm in summer, and 4:30ish in winter. I leave the bathroom light on all night for my daughter. There are also nightowls, and people in apts/condos with little natural light (I also have a northern exposure apt, I tend to turn on a light around supper time in summer, and often stay up past 1am).

Josh, they actually test by number of hours, a old-school bulb is about 1k hrs, CFLs are about 15k hrs, the LEDs are 100k hrs. 
I did the math on this, combining the energy savings and replacement cost. Incandescent was the most expensive over 50 years by a huge margin. CFL was cheaper due to current prices. If the LED prices come down like every other solid state device in a few years it will look silly to use anything else. The unaccounted costs of creation and disposal are lower with LED's since they aren't toxic waste. They light up instantly, and can have a nice color temperature (and can change color). They work with dimmers. They really are the future of lighting.
A caution though, don't mix led and incandescent or CFL in the same fixture. It tends to kill the led.
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