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How much of this can we relate to ourself and then to the world around us. Power struggles are worldwide. Mankind has always sought to out do others and to have the most rule. This is not only in government and judiciary. We can find it in every aspect of human life. Where we try to gain more by having power over others.   If instead we stop and see that we gain more by helping each other. Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book "Thou Shall Prosper" states... Friendships lead to wealth, rather than the reverse.  Over govenring by unjust laws is not the answer.

 I have a 1991 Subaru Loyale 271K I change  oil & filter winter,spring, summer, and fall it's easier to remember instead of 3k miles.Put ACDelco Rapidfire Platinum Plus plugs gap .044. The old plugs all have a light grey on the ceramic and the arch. What issues would cause this? There is also black on the ring but no major build up.No gas smell.  I also changed the PCV valve and  air filter. All four tires inflated to 44 psi. There was a notice of more top end power lower RPM,better acceleration.Oil pressure 40/ 45 PSI mid range speeds no erradic movements accept dropping to 30's at stop.  All this said as a minor tuneup. Is the grey on the plugs  a fuel injection issue is this lean or rich and how do I correct it? Or  should a "pro'' paid mechanic do the work?

Scotty.  Enjoy your site very much thanks. I have a 1971 f100 ranger xlt with 360 v8. Carburetor D1TF-N #2100  Autolite 2bbl, has leaking fuel around accellerator pump assembly. I tightened the nuts on the assembly and this helped for about a week. Now starting is somewhat difficult but not always, bogs down a little from stop to accelleration seems to be too much fuel (flooding). But then rides well. Is this a pump issue or diaphragm issue and what is best solution. Want to stay with OEM if possible.
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