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Just got spam saying I had won a lottery prize of "$500,000 and an Apple laptop." Was the laptop really necessary? Does it convince people who would otherwise throw away the $500k?

Being that it's 2014, nobody should send me an email requesting that I fax something back to them. 

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"Jazz is overrated." I'm glad someone wrote it. At the very least, the author is correct that Jazz has been co-opted by mass media and hasn't really evolved since the 1950s or 60s.

So far today I've given first aid to a six month pregnant woman and dealt with a pipe burst that left three inches of water in my kitchen and pantry. Eight hours left this Monday to find out if weird occurrences come in threes. 

Going through World Cup Panini sticker book with 2 and a half year old son.
Me: "What country is this?"
Son: "Uruguay."
Me: "And what did that guy from Uruguay do?"
Son: "He bit someone and got a time out."

See Uruguay, if a two year old gets it, it isn't that hard to understand.

Just ran three miles in Mexico City after spending a week at sea level. Going to regret that later.

Being a political science major, I really dislike the episode where the unelected monarch (King Friday) explains to Daniel Tiger and his friends how to vote for which park equipment they want. 

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I've had disagreements with Justice Scalia before, but this opinion may justify his removal from office.

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Early xmas present waiting next to the tree.

Just checked my gmail spam folder and saw Jos A Bank has sent me 29 emails so far this month. It's only the 13th, meaning they've sent more than two spam emails per day. How desperate are they as a company?
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