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James Bester
Founder of, amateur photographer, Pentax enthusiast, Jeep Wrangler driver :))
Founder of, amateur photographer, Pentax enthusiast, Jeep Wrangler driver :))

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I am now seriously chuffed with myself:)))
100% score for page speed on my #Drupal 8 experimental site.
Although saying experimental, it is not completed by any stretch of the imagination.
#drupal #gtmetrix #pagespeed

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Drupal8, Setting up AMP
Holy crap, somethings in life are not supposed to be easy and setting up AMP on my VPS server was one such experience. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SITE FILES AND DB BEFORE SCREWING AROUND WITH INSTALLING PHP LIBRARIES..... # Aspects of AMP are as follows; The AMP m...

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Removing Drupal 8 meta Generator
One of the first thing I always like to do when implementing a CMS is to get rip of that annoying Meta tag that shows off what CMS I am running. Point in case; <meta name =" Generator " content =" Drupal 8 ( " /> Took me a while (as u...

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Drupal 8; Exclude the current node from a View
Okay, this is rather simple once I found out how. PS most documentation out there is for Drupal 7 and mentions NID, now as a newbie I could not for the life of me find NID in Drupal 8. "Add" on "Contextual Filter". Search for "ID". Choose "ID: Content" (ID ...

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Ethiopia Safaris
13 National Parks and sanctuaries.
9 UNESCO "World Heritage Sites".
16 climatic zones.
6000 years of cultural legacy.
All of that and let us not forget the mazing people, scenery and beer.
See more safari options here;

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These trailers keep getting better and better.
Almost movie like.
Cannot wait until 21 Oct this year.

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Now lads, concentrate on the Defender not the stunningly awesome yet beautiful bikini clad ladies......
#4x4 #Defender

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Somethings are just as sexy as hell, and this is one of them.

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Yo Yo Yo Yo...........

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4 inches of pure unadulterated lift :)
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