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My Christmas spirit is inversely proportional to the exp(sum of the average kinetic molecular energy in the air at time t, and the intensity of the solar radiation at time t): where t = 12:00, 1:00... 24:00 

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If you are a student, educator or generally curious, Wolfram Demonstrations Project is for you. The project has over 9000 models, which encompass a plethora of subjects. It's great!

Physics is a good mixture of reality and mathematical expression. Biology is a good mixture of physics and fractal-like systems.
Chemistry is a good mixture of biology and physics.

Lowercase rho and lowercase p. Density and momentum, oh woes me! 

The large and small.
Profound in thought.
And encompassing all.

Continuity is discrete with a carefully aimed focal point. 

In a world full of interdependent collections, it is impossible not to be a collectivist. 

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It's awfully peculiar that anything ever happens at all, if you think about it.

There are ideas of numbers so big that both one and a billion billions are equally as close to them.
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