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Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India undoubtedly occupies the most pre-eminent position in the lineage of S…

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Light and Sound on the Path: "The Origins of Sant Mat, The Five Names, and the Identity of Tulsi Sahib's Guru":
The Origins of Sant Mat, The Five Names, and the Identity of Tulsi Sahib's Guru, by James Bean Also Featured in the New Issue of Sach Khand, the Journal of Radhasoami Studies:

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"A Sant will come to your help and rescue. The Bhakta [lover of the Beloved, a devotee] will burn both Kal [the negative power] and karmas." (Soamiji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume I)

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"What's the use of receiving this human form if we do not serve others in thought, word, and deed. If we hold our thoughts only on worldly material things and refuse to think of that which is higher and more subtle, then our faith in the Transcendental will inevitably diminish." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji, "Quintessence of Yoga: Secret of All Success")

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Living Ones, Living Masters: "To show the students the correct path, to help them increase their inner strength, to give them good advice, to keep them on the right path, to assist them when in need, to protect them from obstacles, to bring them to the right path even using sternness or harsh treatment, these are the responsibilities of a true teacher. It is the teachers' responsibility to see the student' success in the journey from the beginning to the end. Therefore, a student needs to seek the teachers’ advice throughout his life." (Swami Vyasanand Ji Maharaj, "The Inward Journey of the Soul")

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Kirpal Singh: "Love beautifies everything and if we learn to love everyone, all our imperfections can be washed away, especially by loving, kind words."

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PODCAST: Vegetarians of the West: Pythagoreans, Essenes, Christianity, and Gnosticism — Spiritual Awakening Radio:

PODCAST: Vegetarians of the West: Pythagoreans, Essenes, Christianity, and Gnosticism — New Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast-On-Demand: 11/24/2015 — Click to Download MP3:

Or Hear the Streaming Audio Here:

During the First Century AD, the Essenes were one of the three main branches of Judaism. They were opposed to animal sacrifices being made in the Jewish temple and they were also known to be vegetarians. The Essenes were the group that Jesus and the first Christians, the Ebionites, were closest to, sharing with them many of the same values and sacred texts. "James was a vegetarian...." (Robert Eisenman, James the Brother of Jesus) “James, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine.” (Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3) “John never ate meat.” (Church historian Hegesipp according to Eusebius, History of the Church II 2:3) "The Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh.” (Clement of Alexandria, The Instructor, Book 2, Chapter 1) Peter said, “I live on olives and bread, to which I rarely only add vegetables.” (Clementine Homilies 12,6; also see, Recognitions 7,6). 

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All for the love of wisdom and radio,

James Bean
PODCAST: Vegetarians of the West: Pythagoreans, Essenes, Christianity, and Gnosticism — New Spiritual Awakening Radio Po…

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Science and Spirituality -- Professor Michio Kaku: "The mind of God we believe is cosmic music, the music of strings resonating through 11 dimensional hyperspace."

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Guru Nanak: In the course of his missionary activity Nanak often visited foreign countries. According to local folklore, he is said to have visited Mecca in the guise of a Muslim devotee. But his not paying heed to Mohammedan etiquette nearly cost him his life. On his first night at Mecca he slept with his feet towards the Kaaba. He was rudely awakened by an Arab clergyman who said, "Who is this sleeping Kaafir (infidel) who lies with his feet towards God?" To this Guru Nanak replied, "Turn my feet in the direction where God is not".

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Show Titles For December 2015 on Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean, Exploring the World of Spirituality -- Education for a More Peaceful Planet via Healthy Life Net -- The Positive Talk Radio Network

During December I share a lifetime's-worth of research into the history of the Masters of India based on my new article, "The Origins of Sant Mat, The Five Names, and the Identity of Tulsi Sahib's Guru".  Everyone in contemporary Sant Mat (followers of Inner Light and Sound Meditation) has a clear idea about their own recent history of masters, at least dating back a few generations. Most trace their lineage of gurus back to Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India. Tulsi Sahib (1773-1843) is viewed as the adi-guru or founding guru, the "great grandfather" of modern-day Sant Mat. The identity of Sant Tulsi Sahib's guru has understandably been of great interest to many students of Sant Mat history. It's quite normal for followers of a spiritual path to be curious about "the family tree" of previous masters, wanting to know where their spiritual path comes from. So, who was the guru of Tulsi Sahib? And who was that individual's guru? Who was the guru before that? And so on.

I begin with an examination of Sants or Saints in antiquity, in ancient India during the time of the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita, then move forward in time to Gorakhanath, the Nath Yogis, Jayadeva, Namdev, Guru Kabir, Sant Dharamdas and the Dharamdasi Kabir Panth, Dariya Sahib of Bihar, Tulsi Sahib -- the Saint of the South, Seth Shiv Dayal Singh, and the birth of the Radhasoami Faith, up to the living present. 

Subtitles of the Article and Radio Series Include: Sants of Antiquity Long Before the Time of Kabir; An Example of Sants Mentioned in a Hindu Scripture Called the Bhagavad Purana; Vedic Dharma vs. Santana Dharma; On the Usage of the Term "Sant Mat" and the Tulsi Sahib Connection; Who Was Tulsi Sahib's Guru? Our One-And-Only Solid Clue; The Ratnagar Rao Theory; Finding Evidence For Tulsi Sahib's Spiritual Master or Group Affiliation -- Noticing Examples of Guru Bhakti in Sant Texts; Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar, a Towering Figure in Sant Mat History Just Before the Time of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras and the Radhasoami Movement; Rare Quotes From Sat Sahib, Dariya's Guru; The Origin of the Five Names, the Panch Naam Mantra; The Many Names of the One Nameless God; Panch Naam Words Traced Back to Kabir/Dharamdasi Texts; The "people of the five names" and "the people of the Anurag Sagar" are one and the same community: the Dharamdasis. This is the source-group and Sant tradition for the five names that existed in India prior to the time of Dariya Sahib, Tulsi Sahib, and Seth Shiv Dayal Singh! And I conclude by returning to the question of who were the Nath Yogis and if scriptures of Gorakhanath and other Nath Yogis also contain the five names: A Panch Naam of the 11th Century Nath Yogis? 

12/1/2015: The Origins of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, Part 1;
(CHSR Program # 492)

12/8/2015: The Origins of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, Part 2;
(CHSR Program # 493)

12/15/2015: The Origins of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, Part 3;
(CHSR Program # 494)

12/22/2015: The Origins of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, Part 4;
(CHSR Program # 495)

12/29/2015: The Origins of Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, Part 5;
(CHSR Program # 496)

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Show Titles For December 2015 on Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean, Exploring the World of Spirituality — Educat…
Am a follower of Sant Mat Spirituality, Inner Light and Sound Meditation, Rare Books, Sacred Texts, World Scriptures, Teachings of the Saints, Always Promoting the Vegan Diet and Education For A More Peaceful Planet.

Welcome to my profile at Google+. Wherever I am online: Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, etc..., I share podcasts and information, posting numerous spiritual quotes from a wide variety of sources. I often share about Inner Light and Sound Meditation: the Path of the Masters, featuring Words of Light and Love for the Spiritual Journey. 

In addition to making new friends, my focus is spirituality: using the radio airwaves, podcasts, the spoken word, writing, and online social networking/blogging to promote spiritual exploration, meditation, religious literacy, inter-faith studies and dialogue, comparative religion, also education for a more peaceful planet. This includes communicating about AHIMSA principals of non-violence in thought, word, and deed, raising awareness about certain civilization-busting issues including climate change, promoting the vegetarian vegan diet, also promoting inner Light and Sound Meditation. Am always interested in networking with those that desire the constructive use of media to advance health, well being, and positive change.

In a spirit of ahimsa/peace, through the written and spoken word, you will find spiritual quotes based upon the Teachings the Masters of the East, giving everyone access to rare books from India, some of which are only now appearing in English for the very first time. You will hear or read satsang talks, which are spiritual discourses representing a Living School of Spirituality known as Sant Mat.

A Sant Mat Vision For Life on Earth In This Human Form

"Recognize the Path to your Beloved, O travelers and take the route of the anguished lover in separation. Keep the Master’s grace in your thoughts, and reflect on his pure teachings. Develop love and devotion with endearment, and keep the thought of the Creator always before you. Try to merge yourself into God like water in water. Fix your mind within by following the Path of the Sound Current. A yearning will arise; make then an intense and anguished call. Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." (Sant Dadu Dayal)

"Avalokiteshvara Buddha [Quan Yin], the hearer and answerer of prayer, has visited all the Buddha-lands of the ten quarters of the universe and has acquired transcendental powers of boundless freedom and fearlessness and has vowed to emancipate all sentient beings from their bondage and suffering. How sweetly mysterious is the Transcendental Sound of Avalokiteshvara! Is is the subdued murmur of the sea-tide setting inward. Its mysterious Sound brings liberation and peace to all sentient beings who in their distress are calling for aid." (Surangama Sutra, Buddhist Scripture)

"So plunge into the Truth, find out who the Teacher is. Believe in the Great Sound!" (Kabir)

"All beautiful forms and tones of this world are mere reflections of some aspect of that ultimate Love-Music of the Great Creative Word. Within the vast complex of creation, each individual spirit is himself/herself a spark of that Eternal Song of Love." (George Arnsby Jones)

"Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Gnostic Acts of John)

Kabir says, "Where else have you heard a Sound like this?"

Seven Things I Believe (and Experience) 

By James Bean

*1) God is Real.

*2) God is Love, the Ocean of Love and Compassion.

*3) All of the world scriptures teach about the same manifestation of God as inner mystical Light and Sound.

*4) Our true identity is soul, the Self. Soul is part of God and therefore is, like God, pure love.

*5) During this human existence we have an opportunity to experience God.

 *6) As we experience communing with God's love during meditation -- Surat Shabd Yoga, we can rise above body-consciousness and explore Inner Space, the "Kingdom of the Heavens" that are within us. "We travel back from the realm of Darkness to the realm of Light, from the Light to divine Sound, and from the realm of Sound to the Soundless State." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj) The drop merges back into the Ocean of Love. 

*7) As we get initiated into the Mysteries of the Spirit by a Living Teacher (Sant Satguru), the purpose of our life is fulfilled. Reuniting with God is our reason to be here: "It was for the sake of the God-conscious beings that our True Lord created this earth, and began this play of death and birth." (Adi Granth) Kabir says: "For millions of years you have slept. This morning, will you not wake?"

"There are those who have wandered among the darting comets and the shimmering orbs of sounding fire. The soul-explorer is not alone, for there are those who have traveled the highways of the inner cosmos; far more than one may at first realize."

"...The planes of heaven are about us everywhere. One has only to know this simple truth consciously, and then we will be free." (George Arnsby Jones)

About Me

Am from Maine, vegetarian (vegan), and practice Inner Light and Sound Meditation in a spirit of Bhakti (Love for the Supreme Being). Am conspiring to make the world more peaceful, vegan, and spiritually awake. "Be Vegan. Make Peace."

Have been involved with Radio For Peace International, the community radio movement, Wisdom Radio, satellite radio and television, am an independent producer currently creating programs for several stations, including HealthyLife.Net -- Positive Talk Radio. I review books, am an author, teacher, public speaker, broadcaster.

Interests: Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Meditation, Websites, and Books, Including World Scriptures, Gnostic Texts, Spiritual Classics, Guidance by Living Teachers, and Other Books that Matter -- A Format of Essays and Interviews.

Am a devotee of traditional Sant Mat, a school of spirituality based in India.

All for the Love of Wisdom and Radio, In the Love, Light, and Sound of the Beloved, Jai Sat Naam, Jai Guru, Radhasoami, Satya Raam, Peace Be To You,


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