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our lives are but chaos, with patterns of order intruding upon reality.
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CBC Edmonton | Dying For a Drink

The UN estimates that by 2025, about two-thirds of the world's population will live under water stress conditions. But Peru is already in th

Erasing a genetic mutation: Researchers reverse a liver disorder in mice...

Using a new gene-editing system based on bacterial proteins, researchers have cured mice of a rare liver disorder caused by a single genetic

Geopolitics of Empire: Mackinder's Heartland Theory and the Containment ...

"What has happened in Crimea is a response to the format that made Ukrainian democracy collapse. And there is only one reason for this: the

Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith - Techno...

The issue of climate change is a source of intense political and policy debate, but if you really want to see the sparks fly, try suggesting

CBC News - Secret surveillance courts in U.S. and Canada explained

U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday proposed ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone data and forcing it get thos

Spy Agencies, Not Politicians, Hold the Cards in Washington

The CIA and NSA routinely ignore the Constitution, yet want the Justice Department to protect them from an over-reaching Congress.

G7 leaders put G8 on hold 'until Russia changes course' - Politics - CBC...

Leaders of the world's seven most industrialized nations are reaffirming their support for Ukraine's territorial integrity by suspending the


The world’s largest trivia game is finally available on Android!Join over 10 million people who play and love QuizUp! Challenge your friends

Ukraine crisis: pro-Russian forces storm Crimea air force base - World -...

Pro-Russian forces stormed a Ukrainian air force base in Crimea, firing shots and smashing through concrete walls with armoured personnel ca

Flud - Torrent Downloader

Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for android. The power of BitTorrent protocol is now in the palm of your hands. Share files


Inspired by FTL, PSI is a fast paced submarine strategy Rogue-Like built for Mobile devices. Featuring countless weapons, dozens of hulls to

War Tard: Russia v NATO: Ukraine, Crimea and the new Cold War.

Admit it, the second you saw that vid of Russian attack choppers pouring into Crimea, somewhere in the back of your brain you started thinki

Chromatiles (Columns Game)

Chromatiles is a minimalist approach to the classic Columns game. As in Tetris, it features a matrix where columns made of 3 blocks fall und

General Dynamics Canada wins $10B deal with Saudi Arabia - Politics - CB...

General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada has signed a contract worth at least $10 billion US to supply armoured vehicles and equipment, traini

Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens

Glenn Greenwald The president's partisan lawyers purport to vest him with the most extreme power a political leader can seize

Crystal Story II

About:Crystal Story II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allie

Government tweets sanitized through 'super-rigid process' - Politics - C...

Newly disclosed documents from Industry Canada show how teams of bureaucrats often work for weeks to sanitize each lowly tweet, in a medium

Hard Logic FREE

This game has simple rules, but it is difficult to complete all 80 levels)

The new ministerial responsibility: punish the underlings - Politics - C...

Somewhere between the first Conservative election victory and the last election, the rules on ministerial responsibility changed without fan

Edward Snowden says NSA engages in industrial espionage - World - CBC News

Edward Snowden says the U.S. National Security Agency that once employed him is involved in industrial espionage not even related to protect