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James Arias
I love the following: my family, working out, my Nexus 5, and everything Google
I love the following: my family, working out, my Nexus 5, and everything Google

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Hey everyone! I'm at least a year behind the curve but had a question regarding Temperature Control Mods: If purchased, can I only use tanks with tc coils? Or is tc on any mod simply an option that I can use but any sub-ohm tank will work? Thanks in advance!! 

Anyone ever order from Big Bottle Co.? If so, thoughts or suggestions? 

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Keeping it Goog-ley. #onescreen

Hey vapers! Anyone try Mech Sauce? If so,  any suggestions for a first-time buyer? I've heard good things. Thx in advance!

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Really stoked that +Chris Lacy​ created the Quickbar. It's always been a great launcher, but moving back to productive, streamlined features is what I've been missing. Well done, +Chris Lacy​! 

Holy smokes. Just bought a bottle of Ben Johnson's CR3AM sauce. Stuff's like crack! 

Good day vape heads! Q: What are some of your favorite cereal vape juices? I've had Cereal Killa (best so far) but I'm also looking for comparable fruity pebbles/fruit loops flavors. Any recommendations? Thanks guys/gals! 

+Chris Lacy​ I purchased AL 3 without hesitation - you're one of my favorite developers for sure. Q: any plans to return the widgets tab to the Quickdrawer? 

Sounds strange, but please bear with me! I've noticed that certain juices get warmer than others when used. Has this ever happened to anyone? For example, I'll vape one flavor and everything will be golden. Throat hit is good, mod is working as intended, etc. I'll throw another juice in the tank and the vape isn't as warm or satisfying as the previous. Is there anything I'm overlooking? 

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Ok, I've got a bit of a dilemma and need help: Today I purchased my first mechanical mod (Chi You clone @ $50) and after a day's use I've decided it may not be the best fit in terms of safety, portability, etc. If I were to put it up for sale, would anyone be interested? I'm only asking $45 after use for a single DAY. I also bought a Nitecore 2-bay charger and 2 Sony 18650 batteries which I would also knock a few dollars off. I have receipts proving I bought these today. Again, it's just not the right fit for me and I'm only looking to recover a dollar amount close to what I paid. Anyone interested? Thanks! 
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