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James Allred
While growing up this was not my choice.
While growing up this was not my choice.


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In 1978, my mother, Conda (Connie) Allred, came to me and said she wanted to create a training school for #ColonHydrotherapy . I encouraged her to do so. In the 1960s and 70s, there were no guidelines, no syllabus or testing for #ColonicIrrigation .

Ten years of hard work, networking with like-minded professionals, and jumping through bureaucratic hoops; finally in 1988, A.C.T.A. was established. From there, I-ACT was birthed with Certified Colon Hydrotherapist across the world. Many other governing bodies and organizations followed.

The week of June 23, 2016, celebrates 27 years I-ACT has served the education and health of countless people. During that brief conversation between Connie and me so many years before, neither of us could imagine a simple desire and vision would become the blessing that it is.

RIP Dad and Mom. Both of you did great! Thank you for your service and dedication to help and serve others.

"For my 10th colonic I was highly recommend to go see James Allred in Los Angeles, so off to see James I went. He was very professional, caring and educational, even made an exception to see me on Saturday. After getting me all set up on the colonic table and beginning my session, he very gently suggested that I say out load, " I don't need this relationship any more", my eyes got really big, because he knew nothing of my life, nothing of my past, at that moment I knew that he was being led by a higher source. He could tell that I was surprised by his words, but he proceeded to encourage me to trust the process and I did.  As I repeated the words that he encouraged me to say. My tears began to flow, sometimes you can hold back the tears and compose yourself, but this was nothing like that, it was an overflow of emotions that had been opened up. But what surprised me the most was that as the tears flowed, an abundance of poop began to flow in the colonic tube (remember this was my 10th colonic) so you would have thought that I was pretty clean already.

As my session continued, James continued to do body work on me to encourage my body to relax, he then said, "you have been holding some of these emotions since you were a little girl", when he said this I began whaling. Again, I was so surprised because he did not know any of my childhood history. At that moment my poop release got even stronger & darker it was like rubber coming out of me. It was awful!. James made sure that I saw what was coming out. I remember saying to him "I don't think that is coming out of me", but he reassured me it was coming out of me. And today as a colon therapist I know that the only waste that passes in the colonic hose is what is coming out from the client.

After that session I felt like a wet noodle, I had released not only physically, but had released emotionally and spiritually. I truly believe that it was during this colonic session that I had an integration of body, mind and spirit. I believe that it was at that moment that my Colon Hydro Therapist profession began."

July 16, 2016

Study Guide for I-ACT Testing Level 1 - Foundation

Researched and Written by James S. Allred

National Board and I-ACT Certified
Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor and Therapist

2nd edition * March 14, 2008
Perpetual copyrights * No replications, please

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Each of our Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Trainings and Learning Classes will emphasize How to do BodyWork for Colon Hydrotherapy on The Whole-Body. This work commenced in 1977, and became enhanced in 1983 when James further developed his unique colon hydrotherapy techniques to address the body’s various mechanical and functional affects rather than their somatic effects. Over the last decade James now has greater clarity of this work.

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Our #ColonHydrotherapySchool has three Trainings scheduled and we need Models. The Foundation Training is May 15 - 23. The Intermediate Trainings are May 1 - 4, and again August 29 - September 2. #ColonHydrotherapy #TeacherOfTheColon

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Reaching out for a few potential #ColonHydrotherapy models to participate in our Intermediate Level Training, May 1 - May 4.

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#ColonHydrotherapy models need for our February Training.
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