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James Allen
I am GymAlien and the SemSeoSherpa (I sit in front of a computer screen most all day and play too much basketball)
I am GymAlien and the SemSeoSherpa (I sit in front of a computer screen most all day and play too much basketball)

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The first time I heard Katie Souza on tv about calling down blessing from the "Glory Cloud". I Knew she had something Good and different for me in my search/research for God and His Kingdom of Heaven On earth.

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So why did they shelve this 3 decades ago?
Check out this video on YouTube: thorium reactors... Just wow.

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These are interesting to say the least...
Last nights state of the union was like a song "Everything is Beautiful" or so I hear.

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Google will soon unveil a new system for real-time voice translation.

Meaning - I speak English to you and you hear it in Spanish. Whoa! right?

Ok, so between us, Skype came out with it first (watch the video here, it'll blow your mind - but really - who's using Skype anyway? ;)

Seriously though, when you think of the fact that Hangouts are the only video platform where strangers feel comfortable being on video with each other, all the connections we make through it - now, with no language barriers

What an amazing world we live in!

#hangouts   #skype  

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James Allen commented on a post on Blogger.
Well, I'm here.  So I'll give my 3 cents:

After I went through Jon Benson's 3x Sellerator (VSL "Machine" / program) to create my first 'Serious' Video Sales Letter. I had also just gone through a week long, multi-thousand dollar Copy Writing course...

Jon Explains in zen master depth each and every bite sized step along the way in hand holding videos that show you how to craft each and every sentence perfectly, at the perfect moment in your VSL. And Jon gives several  Examples and options at Every step as well (which geometrically explodes your options)...

In my opinion this has to be a legacy type project for Jon; because he obviously put his heart and soul into this; The time involved in creating the ready made content and coordinating each part of this 'German engineered' kind of a machine had to be enormous.
Yet, Jon continues to give me and the other customers continuing value upon value. 

I am biased because I got it ...  I give it 11 out of ten stars :)
I'm sold on the Sellerator and Jon Benson (and his wife for that matter; great team)
 I try to tell folks about this... but I don't reach enough people.

If you've ever bought a product that claimed to be worth something and it turned out to be of little or no value after you bought it... Then You Will very much appreciate this seller.

Get your hands on Everything this man has to sell!

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