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New York, New York...  The Greatest City on Earth
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Searching for some assistance as our student loan debt is suffocating us!  Will give proof and show payments to student loan debt with our statements.   Thanks for taking the time to Read This. 
Debt can be a Burden even in the Slightest Amount of Student Loan Debt. We unfortunately have the overwhelming burden of such high student loan debt due to my wife and I going to prestigious schools that didn't provide the return they had promised. Don't get us wrong we l...
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very nice
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Fight or Flight
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A Never Ending Beach

Got this Idea after imagining what a never ending beach would look like.... then of course you gotta have a subject and interest... and lastly, must have "Vanilla-Like Skies" -

See the larger version here:
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Wow it is a nice scenery
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Working on my Retouching Skillz

Anyone have any recommendations of some good retouchers out there, my ears are wide open... 
I already highly enjoy +Regina Pagles, +Gry Garness +Calvin Hollywood, +Scott Kelby of course, and +Joel Grimes 

I'm continuously looking for new techniques and anything I can learn from

I appreciate the help...

#retouching   #retouch   #photography   #photo   #white   #matrix  
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as a Whisper Disappears

in the midst of the road you thought I was gone just then I appear

#compositephotography   #photo   #photography   #photoshop   #movement   #road   #bokeh   #conceptualphotography   #conceptual  
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so much inspiration...

so little time
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Help Your Grandparents... I just found this new website for the elderly, I think it could get good... 
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Hi James how are you
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James A. B. (Sojourners Passion) changed his profile photo.

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My Wife and I on a day of hiking!  
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Awww..that is so yall a beautiful couple..enjoy..
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the Path directs the Way

Inspired by the premonition of new chapters in life, such a drastic change that influences the idea that maybe a new chapter isn't enough and a whole new book is required to find true inspiration....

 See a Larger Version here:

#composite   #photo   #photoshop   #sun   #clouds   #conceptual   #conceptualphotography   #Path  
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very cool!
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Las Vegas

Where huge structures look like models that you'd play with when your a child.
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very nice ,Amaze!~~~~~~~
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I just love this photo... I would have a large print of this if I could... 
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Co-Creator of Photographer, Physical Therapist, Enthusiast
Welcome to Sojourners! 

Cait and I believe that Sojourners can change the World. 

After a year of developing a website that was stuck in our heads is now on the World Wide Web.  Sojourners is a place for all that want to be Fit, have a Life, Travel and Photograph everything along the way.  

Cait and I have a passion for People, for Life, and for not giving into the temptations of mundane.  If you feel that you are in a rut come with us, we will guide a way out of it.  

Sojourners Passion- The Only Place for a Total Integration of Photography, Travel, Fitness, & Life. 

                          Passion in Action: The Sojourner Lifestyle

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