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Buy Bitcoin -Learn About Crypto Currencies BitCoin Coach Digital Currency Expert Check out Online Crypto Course
Buy Bitcoin -Learn About Crypto Currencies BitCoin Coach Digital Currency Expert Check out Online Crypto Course

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Crypto Currency April 2018 Mid Month Live Report
Bitcoin and how we are going to profit!
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Wake Up Call... Going To Hit Somebody Hard today with some Truth...You can't ??? You can't continue, you need a break? You need your teddy?

What is wrong with people?

I am not where I am today because I continue to figure out things on my own. I go and get help.. First message.. I still need more help..

Some folks will not do anything because they do NOT like how it makes them feel. I hear folks for the last 2 years, 4 years, the last 10 years tell there wife, husband, there friends, tell THEMSELVES that they are going to do xyz..Going to have xyz. They still haven't done XYZ..

All they do is bit@$ and complain, or struggle on there own...

The problem is, you will not hire a mentor, no belief in success, you will not ask for help, you will continue to make it hard, you keep trying to do xyz..Your backed into a corner and still doing the same thing.. Get out of your way..

You do not want to hire a mentor because its no guarantee? Because you have an ego.. Your ego is bigger than your DESIRE..

What I realized, I have a service, but after two months a small select may drop out because of life, or because they "dont have" time, but they signed up for a reason. I know that.. This post, is "coaching." Read it twice..Let this seed sink in...

If you want the results, do the shit that gets results..

You can become the person you want to be, you can work at it, or you can give up and slowly disappear..

Start taking accountability.. My goal is not your comfort.. My goal is to help you realize what you want..Provide value....

I am teaching you.. Getting you results, that is my goal.. Making you accountable..

I am not here to convince you, to make you feel good.. I want you uncomfortable, I want to help you get what you want..

You dont deserve to be successful if you give up after a few months.. Why do you deserve? What effort have you made?

This is designed to be uncomfortable for you to read.. You dont get what you want out of life being comfortable...

Stop psyching yourself out.. Do not lie to yourself.. If you can't make a small investment, you can't manufacture time, or for some reason, you can't do it?? The truth, you dont want it as much as you say you want it..

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Start a Meetup near me.. Started a Crypto Currency meetup every first Saturday of the month.. Crypto Currency Bitcoin Meetup in Costa Mesa.
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Top Crypto Currency Resources For Buying and Selling Bitcoin.
Digital Currency Resources.


Alligator Strategy


BitCoin Events

Bitcoin Flow

BitCoin Mining


Bitto Exchange


Blue Trade

Buy Bitcoin



Click Funnels



CoinMarket Cap






CrowdCast Video

Crypto Chat

Crypto Hopper

Crypto News Alerts

Crypto Newsletter

Crypto Panic

Crypto Ping



Data Mining

Decentralized Exchange




ICO Events



List Of Crypto Enthusiast



Mobile Wallet

MyEther Wallet

One on One DCG

Proof Of Stake


Trading View



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Jamar James Offers Bitcoin Day Trading Help and Automated Crypto Currency Strategies in Costa Mesa, CA. Create your own Bitcoin ATM in Costa Mesa.
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Live Crypto Currency QA - Daily Update and Weekly Trading Plan Over The Weekend. Get your questions about Bitcoin Answered.
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Saturday April 7th One Day Crypto Currency Workshop.

WIll go over specific strategies where you can automated some functions within crypto currency and profit from it.

Such as hiring Virtual Assistants and have them generate content and do certain actions to get crypto currency on your behalf. These methods outside of day trading.
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Local Bitcoin Class in Costa Mesa April 7th 2018.
Bitcoin expert presents, automated earnings in crypto currency.
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