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What is jamstik?
jamstik is the world's first smart guitar with real strings & frets that is designed to interface with your iPad, iPhone and Mac. Jamstik enables you to express the nuances of your playing style in your favorite music creation iOS apps or Mac software. At just over 16 inches long and less than 2 pounds, jamstik is a portable travel guitar that's a whole lot more.

Real Strings. Real Frets. Real Playing.
The jamstik has real strings and frets - to capture your unique style and expression. So go ahead and apply vibrato or bend that string for the maximum emotional impact. How about some fingerpicking? Jamstik gives you the ability.

Cutting Edge Technology.
jamstik is a new idea in guitar controllers because it uses infrared light to "see" what your hands are doing in real time. Unlike other MIDI guitar solutions that rely on audio analysis and conversion to MIDI, the jamstik scans the fretboard so that it can detect what your fretting hand is up to before your picking hand ever hits a string. Because the jamstik "sees" activity in real time, it's an extremely fast MIDI controller.

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