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Top 100 Photography and Fine Arts themes

Watch the Top 100 list for Month 2 at

There are hundreds of Photography and Fine arts theme here on G+, but which are the top 100 ones and the top of the tops? To know the answer, I designed a system that tracks the submissions to various themes and it ran for full 4 weeks between 2012-04-14 00:00GMT and 2012-05-12 00:00GMT (28 days so that all weekly themes get same number of theme days) and here is the result.

351 themes were tracked for 4 weeks. There were around 50000 mentions of 340 themes and the Top 10 themes recieved over 30% mentions. The daily themes, i.e. those with no specific day, secured the first 5 positions, not surprising as they run for 7 days a week. Among the weekly themes, those on Mondays recieve the highest number of submissions followed by Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Sunday, Saturday and least submissions for Thursday's theme. Instead of listing the themes in 1 to 100 order, they have been categorised according to days they run on and the global rank is mentioned in the brackets (GR: Global rank)

Daily Themes
1. #creative366project (GR: 1)
2. #birdpoker (GR: 2)
3. #breakfastclub (GR: 3)
4. #365project (GR: 4)
5. #plusphotoextract (GR: 5)
(remaining daily themes listed in the end)

Monday Themes
1. #monochromemonday (GR: 7)
2. #macromonday (GR: 10)
3. #naturemonday (GR: 16)
4. #moodymonday (GR: 29)
5. #dofmonday (GR: 35)
6. #mirrormonday (GR: 36)
7. #shoesmonday (GR: 43)
8. #mymobilemonday (GR: 53)
9. #mountainmonday (GR: 54)
10. #ministractmonday (GR: 68)
11. #backyardbirdingmonday (GR: 70)
12. #minimalmonday (GR: 78)

Wednesday Themes
1. #wildlifewednesday (GR: 13)
2. #windowwednesday (GR: 22)
3. #whateverwednesday (GR: 30)
4. #wetwednesday (GR: 34)
5. #womenwednesday (GR: 37)
6. #waterfallwednesday (GR: 40)
7. #widewednesdaypanorama (GR: 60)
8. #waywednesday (GR: 75)
9. #bwlandscapewednesday (GR: 85)
10. #vibrantwednesday (GR: 86)
11. #bridgewednesday (GR: 88)
12. #WaterscapeArtWednesday (GR: 91)
13. #welovemusicwednesday (GR: 92)

Friday Themes
1. #floralfriday (GR: 6)
2. #buggyfriday (GR: 17)
3. #colorsonfriday (GR: 20)
4. #fidofriday (GR: 21)
5. #foodfriday (GR: 41)
6. #fourwheeledfriday (GR: 50)
7. #powerlinefriday (GR: 58)
8. #flybyfriday (GR: 81)
9. #forestfriday (GR: 87)
10. #fourseasonsfriday (GR: 89)
11. #filmnoirfriday (GR: 96)
12. #feelgoodfriday (GR: 98)

Tuesday Themes
1. #treetuesday (GR: 11)
2. #portraittuesday (GR: 15)
3. #transporttuesday (GR: 18)
4. #mytowntuesday (GR: 25)
5. #bokehtuesday (GR: 27)
6. #grasstuesday (GR: 28)
7. #tuesdecay (GR: 33)
8. #repetitivetuesday (GR: 39)
9. #seatuesday (GR: 63)
10. #springfevertuesday (GR: 69)
11. #bridgesovertuesday (GR: 72)
12. #tonemaphdrtuesday (GR: 74)
13. #todaytuesday (GR: 84)

Sunday Themes
1. #sacredsunday (GR: 14)
2. #skysunday (GR: 23)
3. #zensunday (GR: 45)
4. #signsunday (GR: 67)
5. #soocsunday (GR: 76)
6. #squaresunday (GR: 82)
7. #spidersunday (GR: 83)
8. #dawnonsunday (GR: 90)
9. #DoorSunday (GR: 99)

Saturday Themes
1. #caturday (GR: 9)
2. #sunsetsaturday (GR: 32)
3. #ruralsaturday (GR: 51)
4. #paintitsaturday (GR: 52)
5. #squirrelsaturday (GR: 55)
6. #streetsaturday (GR: 57)
7. #benchsaturday (GR: 62)
8. #sepiasaturday (GR: 71)
9. #unsharpsaturday (GR: 73)
10. #saturdaynightlight (GR: 80)
11. #songbirdsaturday (GR: 97)

Thursday Themes
1. #leafonthursdays (GR: 19)
2. #thirstythursdaypics (GR: 38)
3. #NatureArtThursday (GR: 46)
4. #travelthursday (GR: 56)
5. #longexposurethursday (GR: 64)
6. #coffeethursday (GR: 66)
7. #historythursday (GR: 79)
8. #inmotionthursday (GR: 94)
9. #textureblendthursday (GR: 100)

Daily Themes (Contd..)
6. #iphoneography (GR: 8)
7. #breakfastartclub (GR: 12)
8. #grasspoker (GR: 24)
9. #textureblendphotography (GR: 26)
10. #2012project52 (GR: 31)
11. #purplecircle (GR: 42)
12. #allthingsgreen (GR: 44)
13. #allthingsred (GR: 47)
14. #artisticgoogle (GR: 48)
15. #PanoPoker (GR: 49)
16. #mofomo (GR: 59)
17. #blastfromthepast (GR: 61)
18. #abstractarteveryday (GR: 65)
19. #yisforyellow (GR: 77)
20. #allthingsorange (GR: 93)
21. #bwfineartle (GR: 95)

Did I miss mention of a deserving theme here? Do let me know so that I can add it to the list tracking for which is starting next week (precisely 2012-05-17 00:00GMT). To beat the theme at 100th position a theme must have at least 30-35 average weekly photo submissions (reshares not counted) and to rise to the top it must have more than 550-555 weekly submissions.

To see the number of submissions each theme received in 4 weeks check this link

Update: The next round of tracking started at 2012-05-17 00:00GMT with 403 themes, and the result post is planned for 16th June
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Very interesting +Jalaj Jha! I'm not surprised of the results btw, since I was keeping track of our statistics at Monochrome Monday as well :)
Actually I was 99% sure we stand at 2nd place in the weekly-planned themes, and you just confirmed my observations. Thank you for the post!
+Manuel Votta The position of #monochromemonday with respect to #floralfriday changed every monday and friday... they always remained neck-to-neck
Yes I can imagine that +Jalaj Jha! I was monitoring Floral Friday contributions as well for my statistic purposes: even if they usually are a bit more than Monochrome Monday's ones, we stay very close :)

Would it be possible for you to send me the amount of contributions during the past weeks for FloralFriday, MonochromeMonday and Iphoneography (GR 8) as you have collected them?

Thank you in advance :)
+Manuel Votta Sure... I am currently on move.. Will share with you on return tomorrow... 
Wow .. thanks for putting this together +Jalaj Jha ... I expected #allthingsred to have more submissions than #Yisforyellow (I curate both, along with +Stephen Thackeray who co-curated #allthingsred )... this did come as quite a surprise... thanks for sharing this.

#allthingsred got 275 submissions and stood 47th and #yisforyellow stood 77th with 167 submissions
+Jalaj Jha Oh thank you very much for this ranking spend your time for it and that's so nice.
It's very interesting for me (as the curator of #WetWednesday) that my theme is in a Top 100 list and (unbelieveable)! on position 34.
There are so many great themes here at G+, but the ranking got some really big surprises for me...especially my own position of course.
Thanks again for doing this great job...
Colors has a Global rank of 20!! Wow! Thanks for calling me over to see this +E.E. Giorgi!
Thank you +Jalaj Jha for doing all this work! I'm going to be coming back to this just to look at all the themes and ranks again. Thanks!
Very interesting statistics, many thanks for the trouble of collecting these data! Do you intend to have another run in the future and watch the developments over time?
WOW!! I never realized just how popular Floral Friday really is... I mean I know I spend most of Friday and lots of Saturday curating it but this is just.... amazing!

Thank you for all of your hard work on this and putting together these statistics! It is VERY interesting!

+Manuel Votta - It is really cool that MonochromeMonday and FloralFriday trade places every week! Congrats!
A big congratulations to YOU +Tamara Pruessner, since you are able to keep up with all those contributions alone :)

Keep the good work up!
How I understand you +Tamara Pruessner! We are a team of 5 people and sometimes it happens that we still miss some contributions!
thanks +Jalaj Jha for all the hard work from the team at TransportTuesday and SignSunday
This is fascinating +Jalaj Jha I started a weekly changing theme so I am not sure if it is considered 'daily' (which is when people submit) or Saturday (when a new theme is announced). It is based on the #panopoker model of doing things which comes categorized under daily. Submissions are daily. and it is called #urbansnap (page is +Urban Snap ) - it is only 4 weeks old but growing steadily. It would be so interesting for it to be tracked, eventually, if it gets popular enough. thanks for sharing all this work!
Even for someone like me who hasn't participated in these at all, this is still interesting information and a good resource for finding things in which I could/should participate. Thanks for doing this!
Very cool +Jalaj Jha! btw, not sure if you meant to include us as #iphoneography but our complete hashtag is #iPhoneographyFriday . Thanks! :-)
+Stuart Whitmore I might be a bit biased (my theme is somewhere in the middle of the pack here) but even if a theme is small time - 20-30 posts a week or something it can still be fun to participate in. If you are posting just to increase the exposure of your photos I agree though.
+Michael Russell I didn't mean to imply choosing based on ranking, I meant just finding out about themes in general. I haven't really used G+ for photo-related interests much, so many on the list were unknown to me, despite their popularity. My own selection of themes for participation would be more oriented around the content than the ranking.
+Stuart Whitmore Ah I see. Makes sense - I guess not everyone has been aware of the themes. A project like this is a good way to show people what is out there. :)
Wow! This is an incredible list. So very interesting!! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone and congratulations to all the themes mentioned. Having a well received theme takes lots of hard work by all the curators. The best part is seeing the community come together, share their work and meet new friends!!
Hi! Thanks everybody for liking this compilation and commenting here for me to know
Great list you´re doing though I don´t think what define art is necessarily what is most popular. If you have not included the below 6 arty themes i´d like you to consider doing so, 5 of them are relatively new, I´m managing those themes together with +abhishek chamaria, +Skip per, +Marcel André Levasseur, +PasKale Monnom, +Clare Bambers, +Jan McCartney, +Mehdia Ridder, +Steve Tang and +JR Snyder Jr, thanx in advance:

+Abstract Xpression – every day theme, digital and analog images
+Arty Pics of the Week – compiled by the curators once a week
+Mobilart Club– everyday theme for smartphones and tablets
+Monochrome Arty Club – every day theme
+PaintIt Club – every day theme, digital and analog images
+PaintIt Saturday – painterly photos every Saturday
thx for already having included the themes in your tracking list,
+Monochrome Arty Club is submitted to DPT but they have some problems at the moment, it´s just about one week old though and it´s not a theme you contribute to yourself, but a theme where the highlights from the past week are showcased, these highlights are chosen independently by the curators of the themes in my previous post ... maybe it´s not a theme you can track then, you know better about that than me – my son is very technical but it´s not my strongest side ... thank you for all your time and energy your putting into this, with the best wishes from alexius :)
Hi +Jalaj Jha that's kind of correct - its not a theme that people submit to. The other five theme's make a weekly pick of favourite submissions and add them to the page as you say to showcase the 'best' submissions of the week and re-share them. It's really for visiting and viewing only. All submissions to the 5 themes are automatically eligible and considered for +Arty Pics of the Week with no additional hash tag or submission process.
+Duane Hall Will take care to list it among the monday themes.. btw the next tracking starts 5 hrs from now and run for next 28 days... the result post is planned for 16th June...
+Duane Hall Massive update is coming soon. Trying to work through of about 3 weeks of amazing photos...
This is interesting indeed. So the only signal you're tracking is just the sheer number of times the hash tags are used? I'm trying to weigh that against the tags that make it to the "Trending on Google+" list. I've seen many of the "less popular" themes trend over the more highly used tags. I think it goes to show more participation doesn't equate to more interaction around a theme.

Many tags like #photoextract almost always get used in conjunction with something else which I think lessens the chance of interaction.
thanks for the great list. I use the themes to inspire me to look at my photos. Statisticians are rarely complemented. Nicely done.
+Eric Leslie I am keeping a record of all the posts that mentions a particular theme as and when they are posted... so practically I can list down the 2000 urls/text content/photo of the topmost theme and similarly for the bottom and all the middle ones... Once you have the data you can extract anything... What I have worked on currently is just the counts hoping that it might be interesting

I have currently left the pluses/shares/comments as they require to revisit each post again and again to check the current counts of pluses etc.. may be I will take that in future...

As for trends on G+ I can currently see in trends #GingerThursday which is quoted by just one post made just 30 mins ago currently having 24pluses, 3 reshares & 2 comments... and it is in trends...

oops looks like there are more posts too (though G+ is listing me only two now).. My system tracked last 10 posts
Perhaps your algorithm isn't find all of the posts? There are many more posts with #GingerThursday than the one you've linked to. I'm likely misunderstanding you though :)

Does your app count shared posts that include the tags?
no.. I have excluded them... If you look for tag #RemindsMeOfSomething you will find that posts that are reshared by +#RemindsMeOfSomething page are also listed in it even though the original photo poster never intended to submit to the tag, and no one mentioned the tag anywhere... Further same post reshared a number of times will explode the counts and make things worse...

As for #GingerThursday, I resetted the start and end dates of my tracking system today morning so any its mentions before 17-May-2012 00:00GMT will never be counted.. btw I didnot understand this theme (neither it is listed in DPT lists) what's it
and yes.. as for my algorithm it's not perfect either... I have many enhancements in mind but cannot devote more time to it.. but will keep improving it slowly
it is a great start +Jalaj Jha thanks for all the time you have put into it =)
how about #threatendedthursday for endangered wildlife? That's been going for a while now.
#threatenedthursday was in the tracking list for 1st month and is also in the future lists.. However number of submissions is lower compared to the top 100 themes
Thanks for collecting all these fascinating themes and thanks for considering #threatenedthursday . I've learned a lot by following it.
+Jalaj Jha, I also want to thank you for your work gathering the data and organizing it. This is a great service to the G+ community!!! And, I have a question regarding the data: have you been able to determine through your analysis when is the best time, over all and by time zone, to post images with the intent for them to be seen in real time. I know we all have to look for images in particular themes or from favorite artists, but I've noticed that at certain times of day or night, I will receive a greater number of notifications than at others when I share images. I know this is a complicated situation, but any general guidelines or suggestions along those lines would be greatly appreciated. And, again, thanks for enlightening us through your work. It shines a new light on image posting and provides a much needed perspective.
+Michael Plack thanks for appreciating the work. As for the submissions count according to time of day I do have rough data now. The least submissions happen around 00:00GMT to 10:00GMT and peaks at around 18:30GMT.. I will try to publish more insights in the second month's report (around 16th jun)
Thanks, +Jalaj Jha, for answering my question. I'm looking forward to following up with next month's report.
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