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Do you like using the Secret Chat functionality? Would you like to be able to use this feature with the Desktop client as well? If you answered "yes" at least once, please consider signing this petition, to let the developers know, that we want to be able to chat secretly more, than play some stupid games...

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Umm.... Co prosím?

Could you recommend me a good, fun, but deep anime?

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Umm... SS je prý Státní Správa... seems legit :P #openalt

"I'm not crying, I just have SWAG in my eyes"
Gets me every time :D

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Tenhle člověk je vážně rakovina českýho internetu :D

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Okay, so +EasyPHP is now charging users for modules AND updates. I'm done with you. Hi #wampserver !

Okay, I'm I getting something wrong, or is Logic Pro X basically an overpriced GarageBand with a bit more eyecandy and dummy features? :D

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I found the gif online. Hey what if we say switching from Windows to Linux is as simple as..... check below. And lovely day.

Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

#Linux   #Windows  
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