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Surveillance costs work efficiency. #surveillance   #nothingtohide   #privacy  

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Git User's Survey 2016 is up, till 20 October 2016. Please devote a bit of time to fill it. Thanks in advance.
The Git User's Survey 2016 is now up!

Please devote a few minutes of your time to fill out the simple questionnaire; it'll help the Git community understand your needs, what you like about Git (and what you don't), and overall help us improve it.

The survey would be open from 13 September till 20 October 2016

The results will be published to the Git Wiki on the GitSurvey2016 page, and discussed on the git mailing list.

#git #survey #GitSurvey #GitUsersSurvey #GitSurvey2016

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Git development relies on GMane to provide links to discussion (e.g. " Expecting a reroll. ($gmane/291163)" in Junio's periodic "What's cooking in git.git" messages). The advantage of Gmane web interface is that it provides threaded view of discussion, even if the subject changed or got mangled - which is very useful.

#Git #git #GMane

OneViewCalendar as it is now (at least the web version on and has a show-stopping #bug - try deleting an event, it deletes all events.

Maybe it is a problem with the demo calendar, but it is not something that you want out of beta.

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A bit of shameless self-promotion: Packt have published a new book, "Mastering Git" on April 2016.

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Jakub Narębski commented on a post on Blogger.
About 1.: you can use `git pull --rebase`, or even configure Git to always use rebase instead of merge to integrate changes when using pull for specific repository.

About 7.: Don't use `assume-unchanged` to ignore changes to tracked files!!! You are essentially lying to Git, and it is quite easy to lose your unsaved changes this way! Use `git update-index --skip-worktree <pathToLocalFile>` instead. This one is safe. (The only trouble is when trying to use `git stash` with skip-worktree marked files, sometimes,... though perhaps it got fixed).

About 9.: Here using `git subtree` command might be easier...

#git #gittricks

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"Last week, US President Obama said something that is usually the sort of line we give the “idiot boss” character in one of our stories."

A very nice article about dangers of intuition, wishful thinking, and "leaky abstraction" analogies.

#encryption   #applevsfbi  
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